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lördag 8 juli 2017

Salahuddin Demiretas presented a message to the people..Unconditional freedom for Salah al-Din Damirtash

Unconditional freedom for Salah al-Din Damirtash
Salahuddin Demiretas presented a message to the people.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Code, the leader of the People's Democratic Party, Salahuddin Demiretash, wrote a message to the Kurdish People in Prison that this message contains the following points.
Demirthash says, I said, if they did not give me permission to go to court, it was because they did not allow me to attend the court session with handcuffed hands.
He added: "I am now also an active parliamentary representative who has the right to comment. I am the elected representative of my crew, that if an illegal, non-moral and non-human right is to be approved, people have the right to protest against it.
So, and based on my beliefs, I was not satisfied with the presence of handcuffed hands in the court session and it was in this connection that I was back to jail again.
He writes in the following, "Obviously, it's not my right to be in such a case that was arrested and sent to prison, but my right is to defend my case."
In another case, which is due to eight months of my arrest and imprisonment, it is unclear whether a court would be convened to defend my rights.
So in such a space full of human rights, it is very difficult for me to defend my own right and my nation.
It is noteworthy that after the coup d'état of the AKP and the unelected war against my nation (the Kurd), the Turkish government has been subjected to all non-human rights abuses, including arrest and imprisonment, politicians, parliamentarians, journalists, civil rights defenders , Which has been used to consolidate its power.

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