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söndag 12 augusti 2018

Amnesty: Release those arrested solely for peaceful demonstrations in Iran

Amnesty: Release those arrested solely for peaceful demonstrations in Iran
Mnesty International calls on the Iranian regime authorities to release all individuals detained solely for participating in peaceful demonstrations.

The call comes after the regime responded with a new wave of mass arrests to stop regime-critical protests across the country last week.

"The authorities should also carry out an immediate, impartial and independent investigation of the assassination of a protector in Karaj, northwest of the capital Tehran, on August 3rd," Amnesty said in connection with the publication of his report on the 8th of August.

Amnesty International also urged the regime's authorities to protect those deprived of liberty from torture and other forms of abuse.

There are dozens of cases where families of detainees have not heard anything from their relatives since they were arrested, Amnesty pointed out in his report and urged the authorities to inform these families of what has happened to their relatives and where they are.

"It was when July went to August as images and videos began to spread on social media from Iran's third largest city of Esfahan. Since then protests have spread to several major cities such as Tehran, Karachi, Shiraz, Mashhad and Qom, "said Svt on Sunday.

"The police have responded with tear gas, water cannons and shot with rubber balls in an attempt to dispel the masses," added Svt.

The popular demonstrations continue this week in several Iranian cities with slogans against the regime, according to images and videos published on social media.

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