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söndag 12 augusti 2018

General Ayronside English and Akhund Kashani, the main foreign and domestic patrons of Reza Shah

General Ayronside English and Akhund Kashani, the main foreign and domestic patrons of Reza Shah

Do you know that Reza Shah received the royal crown from Akhund Kashani?

Do you know that Mohammad Reza Shah, about his father Reza Shah, told the sources of the US embassy in Tehran: "The British expelled the Qajar family and brought my father to work". He said: "They threw my father out and they can throw me out". "If the British want me to go, I must immediately know if I can go unpunished," the document quoted straight from the king. (Source of State Department documents: May 21, 1953 - May 31, 1332)

Do you know that in the last book, the king, in a similar note, quoted by the commander of his air force in the clerical court of the cleric, Rabi'i, said: "The Rabieh commander in the Islamic Republic's disbelief said:" Houzar threw the shah like a mouse from Iran. "(The answer to the story - Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, p. 246) This quotation from the king himself! Is! Not from the enemies of your Majesty!

Do you know that Reza Shah, who came to work by General Ayronside, when he passed the date of his consumption, are the same! With a 3-line telegram he fired him from the country! The telegram of the British Foreign Ministry to Reza Shah and the announcement of his rejection of the monarchy, which is one of the followers of that dynasty, read below: "May your Majesty descend from the kingdom and hand over the throne to the eldest son and crown prince? We have a favorable opinion of the crown prince and we will support his kingdom.

Lest His Majesty imagine that there is another solution! "(Source: Book of the King of the Kings, Richard Kapuccinsky - Documents from the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs) (Kapuscinski, Ryszard, Shah of Shahs, Penguin Group, 2006. 25. ISBN 978-0141188041) Rejection of these documents You can also find Wikipedia on any site!

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