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onsdag 1 augusti 2018

Şengal… From eradication to victory of will -2

Şengal… From eradication to victory of will -2
After the fall of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in Iraq and the emergence of the Kurdish role in the area as a beginning to resolve his issue, the entire Kurdish areas, including Şengal have been liberated and Peshmerga Forces entered it in 2003, and then it has become one of the disputed Kurdish areas between the governments of Kurdistan Region and the central Baghdad. Because of the policies of the authority and undermining the will of society, the scenario of genocide was returned to Şengal a

Risk increased on Şengal, the largest 2 massacres amid Baghdad and Kurdistan Region’s governments
The people of Şengal province hoped well after the compromises that took place between the two governments in Iraq, and they thought that after the distribution of military and security tasks between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi Federal Police, they will be protected from the repeated attacks on them and that the Arabization, demographic change, cultural and social melting and killing because of the religion which the Yezidis have previously suffered from by successive governments on Iraq would end.
However, the stability did not last long until the local terrorists committed a terrible massacre in the towns of Siba Sheikh and Tel Ozer in Şengal in 2007 by blasting booby-trapped tanks in the midst of mass gatherings that left hundreds of killed and wounded, and destroyed most of the town due to the massive bombings. At that time, the Yezidis and some Kurdish parties indicated that the massacre took place with the complicity of officials of the Iraqi government and Barzani’s party in Şengal in order to extract it completely and control the full resources of the latter.
The massacre of century 3-8-2014, how it done and why?
After the emergence of IS as a terrorist organization in the Sunni-dominated areas of Iraq to threaten the whole world in its speech after it has controlled the city of al-Mosul in full in June, 2014, the fear on the ethnic and religious minorities in the area has increased.

With the support of the Turkish state through its diplomacies, intelligences and mercenaries in al-Mosul and South Kurdistan Region with the complicity of Barzani’s government, the Peshmerga Forces and the Iraqi army withdrew from Şengal province and the state of al-Mosul leaving their residents at the hands of the terrorists to commit the most terrible genocide against them; killing, capturing, abducting and displacing that is unparalleled through modern history.
Why Şengal and how the massacre was plotted for?
The stage of IS emergence and its expansion and attacks on the Kurdish areas was not arranged accidently, during which the organization seeks to establish a Caliphate State as was promoted by others. It was linked to a series of attempts by the Turkish state and its allies in the area since 2003 for their project to exterminate the Kurds, construct of the new Ottoman and control the line of Kirkuk, al-Mosul and Aleppo as a beginning to expand.

The years 2013-2014 witnessed the most severe attacks on the Kurdish people in Rojava Syria by the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra, IS and Ahrar al-Sham that are supported directly by the Turkish state and its allies and the Muslim Brotherhood organizations which extended from the extreme of Afrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo to Tel Koçer town in the extreme northeast corner of al-Jazeera region, not to mention the siege imposed from all sides even the Kurdish that advocate Erdogan's policies in South Kurdistan Region.

With the expansion of the Kurds' victories in conjunction with the Turkish state's defeats in its policies against the Kurds in Syria, the terrorist and mercenary attacks supported by Turkey and its allies widened to most Kurdish areas, and Şengal for them was a biggest weakness to satisfy the parties controlling it and freezing them. In addition to that, Şengal will be for them a blow against the Kurdish people to end their culture and history and put them in an eternal gorge siege to kill them slowly because of its geographical strategy which is considered a great shield protects most of the borders in the western and southern parts of Kurdistan.
A secret meeting was held in Amman, Jordan in June, 2014, and representatives of the Turks, the Barzani party, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States attended. The issue of planning for the fall of Al Mosul was at the hands of the terrorists as IS dominated it after a week and began to expand in the area. After that, several consecutive meetings held between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Turkish government and its intelligence in the Region for Peshmerga Forces whose number estimated to 18,000 to withdraw from Şengal and leave the fate of its citizens at the hands of IS.

In addition, the extension of the Kurdish Liberation Movement in Şengal was threatening Turkey and the conservative blocs of Arabs and Kurds in Iraq, especially the Nujaifi and the Barzani party, where the  Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Movement (TEV-DA) was working secretly to organize the people after the bombings of 2007 because the Yazidi people have no longer trusted the two governments, and the movement was working without declaring itself at the beginning and suffering from systematic arresting operations and a strict ban by the government of Kurdistan Region to curb the movement within the Yazidi community and what it carries of a popular project to ensure their self-protection.
On the black day of 3-8-2014, the decree’s number increased to 74
After the fall of Al Mosul at the hands of IS, its mercenaries launched attacks against some of the eastern and southern villages of Şengal Mount to Rabia town that is adjacent to the border with Rojava aiming at besieging it completely before the attack. However, it did not work very well because the People Protection Units (YPG) secured the borders and entered Rabia town in addition to liberating Jazaa town that is adjacent to the border with Şengal to protect it from the back. In the night of August 3, 2014, the mercenaries attacked Şengal after the mobilization of their elements and the withdrawal of 18,000 fighters of Peshmerga and the Iraqi army from the province with their heavy and light weapons.

Volunteered groups of the people tried to confront IS’ attacks with their light weapons in the villages adjacent to the lines of IS such as Karzark and Siba Sheikh, but the lack of equality in number and weapon caused no outcome, dozens of men and young men martyred and the civilians escaped towards the mountain in the mid of that night.
Whoever arrived at the mountain arrived after the adventure of death marching on foot, those who died on the road died of hunger, thirst or starvation, and those who remained in their village were kidnapped and killed. They did not realize that the Peshmerga and the Iraqi forces had fled and left them preys to IS. Thousands of women were captured with their childern while they were trying to flee the blackness of IS in that wilderness that is full of fear and more than 2000 people lost their lives according to some almost certain information by jurist sides.

According to reports issued by of the Yezidi Affairs Directorate, 43 mass graves have been found so far in Şengal province, and the number of abductees reached more than 6,417 among them men, women and children. The fate of most of them remained unknown despite the liberation and rescue of hundreds of them by the protection units in their battles against IS in Raqqa, Manbij and Deir ez-Zor.

Thus, Şengal massacre that is known by the Yazidi community as the 74th decree is considered one of the greatest massacres of the 21st century and the most brutal against human and religious minorities as the mercenaries killed the Yezidis terribly and collectively. They also raped and sold children and women in the markets of slavery, in addition to exploiting the prisoners as slaves to dig tunnels, do hard works or use them as human shields to control an area or to be protected from the warplanes and attacks on their points.

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