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söndag 5 augusti 2018

Discriminations and human rights violations in the labor market in Sweden.

Discriminations and human rights violations in the labor market in Sweden.
At the end of November 2016, a letter from the employment agency was received so that I would be employed at Malmö, when I left the letter to the office and waited for the reply.

Then when in 2017.01.20, Malmöstaden contacted a woman I did not want to reveal her name answered me and told your social secretary who did not want us to hire you and you can contact Hennele Laden and ask her and two people why they did not want to we would hire you.

The information that your social secretary has sent to your employment service attorney and since your employment agent has sent us to us is very sensitive and difficult for us to hire you at malmestad.
I: Can I see what information they have sent to you about me?
The woman: no, unfortunately, it is our boss who can provide you with the information we unfortunately can not leave this information we have received from you from your social secretary and your employment service officer.
I: How to reach your manager by phone or can you book a time and discuss the matter?
The woman: Unfortunately, it's hard to reach our boss, but I'll leave a message to our boss if have time for you to meet :::
I: Thank you very much, I want to know what lies behind that difficulty and who tries to prevent me from getting a job in Sweden:
The woman !: We have cooperation with the social and employment services all those who leave us about the person when we can be accepted because we cooperate.

I: Know that you have cooperation, but do not cooperate to discriminate against others. It is illegal if the Swedish Riksdag applies to us ,,
.The woman: I do not know I just wanted to inform you your social secretary stopped that we would hire you on a malmö council. ' do you have any questions ask your social secretary and say why do them so to you ..
I unfortunately do not have time to go wish you good luck .. do not forget please do not name me if you would talk to your supervisor and your social secretary.
I: thank you very much for information no i will not name you maybe i wait a little time to publish this call. I have recorded all the conversations I had with the Social Security Officer and my administrator at the Employment Service. Those video recorded will cover up soon


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