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söndag 5 augusti 2018

Protests in Iran spread from Isfahan to Tehran. arak, Shiraz and iranian other cities against iranian regime

Protests in Iran spread from Isfahan to Tehran. arak, Shiraz and iranian other cities against iranian regime
The protests in Isfahan, Iran have spread to various provinces such as Tehran, Karaj, Ahvaz and Arak. There was an alleged attack against a religious school in Karaj.

The high cost of living, corruption, cuts in power and water services, and political and social pressure has caused the people to take to the streets in various provinces. With the US reestablishing sanctions, concerns have risen again. The Iranian Rial has collapsed against the USD, and draughts have taken over several parts of the country. With cuts to power and water services, daily life has become very difficult. Authorities allocate huge budgets for war, while failing to develop serious precautions to combat economic, environmental or social issues.
The protests that started in Isfahan spread to provinces like Shiraz, Mashad, Shahin Shahr and Najaf Abad on August 2, after which they spread even further to provinces like Ahvaz, Arak, Karaj and Tehran.
On Friday night, there were several protests in Karaj, close to Tehran. The pro-conservative Fars News Agency alleged that a religious school was attacked at 21:00. The agency said protesters tried to break the doors and throw flammable materials inside, and an officer said protesters came with stones and broke all the windows, while chanting slogans against the regime.
Opposition sources stated that the paramilitary Basij forces and the revolutionary guard attacked the youth before they entered the school but the youth pushed back and managed to enter. The youth reportedly set several motorcycles that belonged to the paramilitary group.
The protests in Iran are not reported on in Western media, because foreign press in the country are not allowed to follow protests in the country.
There have been protests in many cities in recent days, and people are sharing images from the demonstrations on social networks. The youth taking to the streets in Ahvaz chant, “Our enemy is here but they lie and say it’s America” and “The people are in poverty while mullahs live like gods”.
The crowds were chanting slogans like “Down with Hamaney” and “Down with the Dictator” when the revolutionary guard intervened harshly. The protesters set dumpsters on fire after the attack and continued to the Hussein Square.
The people held marches with similar slogans in Arak as well. In Najaf Abad, women chanted “They fed the war in Syria but destroyed our youth” to voice their protest. The youth took to the streets despite extensive security precautions and chanted, “The oppression won’t work, the insurgency will continue”.
The protest in Shiraz was held in the Darius Street. The police attacked protesters chanting “Mullahs get out” with tear gas.
The Iranian regime resorts to threatening protesters with the death penalty to suppress the protests, where dozens of people were detained. An Amnesty International spokesperson told Arab News that the judicial authorities’ announcement that people detained for the economic and monetary crises could be sentenced to death is cause for concern.

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