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söndag 5 augusti 2018

The US to impose trade sanction against Turkey

The US to impose trade sanction against Turkey
After halting sales of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey and imposing sanctions against two Turkish ministers, the US is now preparing to remove the tax exempt status of 1.66 billion dollars worth of Turkish goods.

Tensions between the US and Turkey continue to grow. The seeming reasons behind the rising tensions are the Turkish state refusing to release Pastor Andrew Bronson and the deal made with Russia for S-400 air defense systems.
US President Donald Trump’s representative Robert Lighthizer’s spokesperson issued a statement and said they will review customs arrangements for some goods imported from NATO ally Turkey.
The spokesperson said Turkish goods entering the American market with partial exemption from customs duties will be reevaluated and added that the decision was not related to the continued arrest of Pastor Bronson.
The spokesperson said stressed that the Turkish government’s compatibility with the GSP (Generalized System of Preferences, the tax rate without customs duties) program criteria “is under review due to the unjust taxes the Turkish government imposes upon American goods without legal justification”.
The American spokesperson stated that the value of the Turkish goods to be affected by the GSP review is approximately $1.600.000.000 and added that they include imports like cars, jewellery and precious metals.
The Trump administration had announced in early March that they would be raising the customs duties on imported aluminum by 10% and steel by 25%. Many countries including Turkey had criticized the practice and implemented measures to match.

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