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söndag 21 september 2014

Isis Thugs killed by Ypg in kobane NEW!

Isis Thugs killed by Ypg in kobane NEW!
Around 50 isis dead 3 hummer destroyed today by ypg/pkk. Peshmerga forces arrived in syria and are waiting for order to attack. Pdki and other kurdish groups are on the way too. One of the kurdish commanders said Without turkish support isis would be destroyed 2 months 

ago.Isis thugs and isis commander.
More dead goat fuckers.

Turkish special soldiers ID found among dead isis

Kurdish grannies with machin gun in kobane waiting for isis 

Peshmerga forces in syria waiting for ypg greenlight to join kobane defense 

Biji kurd o Kurdistan! long live kurd and Kurdistan

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