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lördag 20 september 2014

from south to west . peshmerga forces going to kobane

from south to west . peshmerga forces going to kobane
at last our peshmerga forces heading to kobane to back up our YPG & PKK brothers 

our PPL from all 4 parts will start attacking isis cowards

all enemys of kurdistan shall lay dead on the ground 

BREAKING: Peshmerga crossing the border of Syria to enter the City of Kobane
Since past week, Al-Nusra, ISIL, Sunni tribes and many other groups in Syria have attacked the Kurds in Kobane with heavy weapons (Tanks, mortar, rockets, machine guns and snippers) from 
west, south and north. They have taken around 30 villages. As of right now YPG and PKK are in heavy clashes with these groups. The Kurds in Syria have no outside support. Their best weapon is AK-47. 

A YPG spokesperson showed ''Roj TV'' a new American made weapon that were taken from a Al-Nusra fighter, similar to those given to the Free Syrian Army from the Obama administration. 'quotes: 'We have fighted them for three years now and we have pushed them back, but this time their attack were different. It makes no sense that all these groups attacking us at the same time with new heavy weapons.'' in his state ''Turkish government is supporting ISIL to fight the Kurds.''

Aziz Waisi, an official from the Ministry of Peshmerga denies Peshmerga forces crossing the border of Syria to deploy in Kobane.'' in a statement to Rudaw. Even tho images and videos have been leaked of Peshmerga crossing Syrian border to enter the city of Kobane. President of Kurdistan region (Iraq) said "I call on the international community to use every means as soon as possible to protect Kobani" Kurds from north Kurdistan (Turkey) and South Kurdistan (Iraq) have sent reinforcement, especially the PKK.

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