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söndag 21 september 2014

Iraqi Kurdistan's Peshmerga forces await green light from PYD to join Kobani defense

Iraqi Kurdistan's Peshmerga forces await green light from PYD to join Kobani defense .
ERBIL-Hewlêr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq',— The commander of Kurdistan Region’s special Zervani forces said that the Peshmerga are ready to join the fight in Kobani, but that the move needs the agreement of all parties.

“Sending Peshmerga forces to Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) to defend Kobani needs a political agreement between the Kurdistan Region and the authorities of those areas of Kurdistan,” Aziz Waisi, the commander of the Zeravani Special Forces told Rudaw. “Unless there is such an agreement we can’t take any steps.”

Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga ministry said on Friday that they would do “all they can to assist the people of Kobani” to halt the onslaught of the Islamic State (IS) on the Kurdish city in northern Syria.

However, Waisi said on Saturday that no Peshmerga units have been sent to join the fight yet.

“We are ready to go and defend Rojava if the PYD accepts,” said Waisi. “We cannot go there without their approval.”

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) is the authority in charge of Kobani and other Kurdish areas of Syria.

PYD’s armed wing—the Peoples Protection Units (YPG)—is leading the fight against the IS militants in Kobani.

The commander of the Zeravani Forces said that without clear coordination with the PYD, sending the Peshmerga to Rojava would lead to tensions.

Waisi said that there is no official directive to send forces from the Kurdistan Region to Rojava, but that individuals might have crossed the border to join the fight as volunteers.

Sources close to the PYD said that hundreds of young men from the Kurdish areas of Turkey have joined the YPG units in the past three days for the defense of Kobani.

A special Kurdish Relief force to combat terrorism to enter Syrian Kurdistan Saturday, while a special force to combat terrorism is preparing in Slêmanî (Sulaimaniyah) to move also to enter Syrian Kurdistan to rescue Kurds of Syrian Kurdistan from Islamic State jihadi militants, news reported on Saturday. 

A security source said a special anti-terrorism force according to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) site, move to aid the Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan from terrorists IS noting that this force arrived at the border area and is ready to provide relief.

More than 60,000 Kurds from Syrian Kurdistan fleeing advancing Islamic State jihadists have poured across the border into Turkey since Ankara opened up its southern frontier on Friday, the country's deputy prime minister said

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