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söndag 21 september 2014

German Left Party delegation to go to Rojava border

German Left Party delegation to go to Rojava border

Following ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham) gang attacks on the Kobanê canton of Rojava, Left Party (Die Linke) member of the German Federal Parliament and the president of the Federal Parliament's United Nations sub-commission, Heike Hänsel, and a member of the board of the Left Party's Baden Würtemberg province, Gökay Akbulut, are to go to the Turkey-Syria border in order to carry out observations.

Heike Hänsel issued a statement saying: “the media says around 45 thousand people have crossed into Turkey because of the heavy attacks of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham) gangs on Kobanê, one of the 3 Cantons of Rojava and mostly populated by Kurdish people. In addition, local sources are saying that if attacks continue, the number of the people displaced will reach hundreds of thousands and massacres will be carried out by the ISIS gangs.” Heike Hänsel and the delegation will carry out observations and in particular will evaluate the support of Turkey for the ISIS gangs. Then they will report their observations to the United Nations and the German Federal Parliament.
Heike Hänsel and Gökay Akbulut are intending to meet with officials of the government and non governmental organisations, and will also hold a meeting with HDP deputies.

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