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onsdag 17 september 2014

Germany has banned all activities associated with the terrorist organization Islamic State.

Germany banned isis in germany. 
Germany has banned all activities associated with the terrorist organization Islamic State. 
  The German government sees IS as a threat to the internal security of the country. 

The Islamic State of black flags, demonstrations, recruiting, fundraising, and propaganda on social media. As of noon today, all expressions of sympathy for the terror organization IS banned in Germany. The ban applies of course also all direct activities and the organization, announced Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere this morning. 

The German government justifies IS-ban with the organization not only poses a danger in the war zone in Iraq and Syria, but also in Germany. The threat comes primarily from the jihadists returning from war. It is estimated currently to between four and five hundred Islamists from Germany, taking part in the fighting in Syria and Iraq. 

Additional measures to wait 

A few weeks ago attacked IS supporters Yazidis live in Germany. In Berlin, they went on the attack against a home for asylum-seekers. All German parties are behind the ban and it is hoped that the following steps should be taken with the IS on the EU's list of banned terrorist organizations. 

Simultaneously with Germany now faces a ban, also investigates further action. It would also make it harder for suspected Islamists to travel to Turkey and from there to the war zone. In addition, the Germans involved in the war to get rid of their German citizenship, says the Christian Democrat politician Wolfgang Bosbach to public broadcaster ARD. 

After Germany some time ago decided to send weapons to the Kurds in northern Iraq, now also discussed whether one should participate in military operations against the Islamic state. Christian Democratic politicians have put forward the idea that the German fighters could participate in the oversight of the Iraqi airspace. Chancellor Angela Merkel says anyway at this stage no to these plans.

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