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fredag 19 september 2014

Kurdish PYD leader Muslim: Whoever is going to do something for Kobani must do it now

Kurdish PYD leader Muslim: Whoever is going to do something for Kobani must do it now.
QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— Co-President of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim said Syrian Kurdistan's Kobani was involved in a great resistance to the attacks of the Islamic State militants, adding: "whoever is going to do something for Kobani should do it now", calling on tribes in Urfa, Suruç and Ceylanpınar in particular to rise up.

Muslim was speaking on the Analysis programme on Sterk TV Thursday night. He said: "If we really don't want a second Sinjar we must defend Kobani"

He added: "Our people were slaughtered in Sinjar and our women and girls were sold. Honour is everything. We have been wounded. We still have an opportunity to prevent a repetition in Kobani."

‘There is no alternative to resistance'

Muslim said the only way to prevent a second Sinjar was to 'mount a great resistance', adding: "there is no other way. There will be mobilisation politically, diplomatically, in all fields."

Appeal to tribes in the border region

Muslim talked about tribes in the border area; "In Urfa there are our tribes, the Shekhani, Berazi, Ketkani and Beski. These tribes are in Kobani, too. Would a member of the Berazi tribe in Suruç accept the selling of a Berazi woman or girl in another place? Would the other tribes? The border has divided families. These families are from the same tribes. I don't think any Kurd will accept this. In that case they should rise up and resist."

‘Transit of gangs must be stopped'

In response to a question regarding what the people of Urfa, Suruç and Ceylanpınar, and as a whole what the people of Turkish Kurdistan should do, Muslim said: "the area between Akçakale Kobani is a strategic area. Especially as far as Gültepe. If they can secure this areas, where there are military posts, where the IS militants mainly cross, their transit would be prevented."
Muslim drew attention to what happened during the first wave of attacks on Kobani in June and July, saying the people should be able to do what they did then in the village of Ziyaret. At that time the people put up a tent and mounted a vigil at the border preventing the movement of jihadists. Muslim added: "Hundreds of youths participated and the first wave of attacks was defeated."

‘Everyone must mobilise' 

Muslim issued an appeal; "Our people in the border area must show solidarity. We will resist together. There can be no Suruç without Kobani. Half of the Berazi tribe is in Kobani and the other half is in Suruç. Which tribe can abandon the other half? The Kobani resistance is a matter of honour which concerns all Kurds. Everyone should mobilise for Kobani and do it now. What ever will be done must be done now, whether participation, both political and diplomatic and regarding international relations, it must happen now. If Kobani is lost we will all lose, but I'm sure victory will be ours. And together we will be stronger."

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