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fredag 19 september 2014

Fierce clashes between YPG and IS continue on 5 fronts in Syrian Kurdistan's Kobani

Fierce clashes between YPG and IS continue on 5 fronts in Syrian Kurdistan's Kobani.
60 IS militants killed in YPG offensive in Kobanê

September 19, 2014

KOBANI, Syrian Kurdistan,— The attacks launched by the Islamic State IS jihadi militants on the canton of Kobani in in Syrian Kurdistan on September 15, and the resistance of the Kurdish People's Defence Units YPG are continuing. The YPG announced that fierce clashes are continuing on 5 fronts, saying 7 of its fighters lost their lives Thursday. 

It is being reported that Islamic State fighters besieged a Kurdish city in Syrian Kurdistan [northern Syria], on Thursday after seizing 21 Kurdish villages in a major assault, prompting a call to arms Kurds in neighboring Turkey who urged followers to go and help resist the group's advance.

The attack on the Kurdish city of Kobani (called by Arabs, Ayn al-Arab), came two days after the top U.S. military officer said the Syrian opposition would probably need the help of the Syrian Kurds to defeat Islamic State.

The YPG Press Centre issued a written statement Thursday regarding the clashes, saying: "our forces are resisting the gangs attacking on 5 fronts with tanks, artillery, rockets and heavy weaponry with great determination."

According to the reports of ANHA News Agency, YPG fighters carried out an offensive targeting ISIS positions and bases in the village of Bexdikê to the east of Kobanê. YPG have inflicted a heavy blow on ISIS jihadi gunmen, killing at least 60 IS militants of theirs and destroying three tanks, and damaging one other. Clashes are continuing in the villages of Bexdikê and Celebiyê to the east of Kobanê.

In its statement the YPG said 7 of its Kurdish fighters had died on the 5 main fronts while preventing the advance of the IS militants:

"It has not been possible to ascertain the casualties suffered by the IS militants in these clashes, but 2 of our fighters fell while putting up heroic resistance in the village of Qumçê and 5 in the village of Korik."

Meanwhile US Senators approved White House plans to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State (IS) on Thursday, amid misgivings over the administration’s strategy to rout the Sunni Muslim militiamen.

Turkish state supplying munitions to Islamic militants by train

The Turkish state is directly involved in the conflict by supplying munitions and logistic 'assistance' to the IS jihadi militants by train. Local sources in Girê Spî (Tel-Abyad) said on Wednesday that during the last 2 days that consignments had been delivered by train on the line between Turkish Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan to a military base used by the gangs opposite the village of Silîb Qeran.

In response to this blatant support by the Turkish state, Kurds from Turkey's Kurdish region are mobilising to defend Kobani. Thursday at noon thousands of people will march from Suruç to the border area in the village of Ovan and secure the border.

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