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tisdag 16 september 2014

isis gangs under attack by ypg in Kobane

isis gangs under attack by ypg in Kobane 
In this video you see clashes between ypg and isis gangs in eastern province of Kobane released by YPG media center. Detailed information on the fighting is not yet available.

Heavy clashes between ypg and isis those days in Rojava (western Kurdistan).
Isis tries everything to invade Rojava regions again but YPG does not give up the fight and never will.

According to hawar news yesterday evening, 14 isis members , included one amir (leader), one tank and three military vehicles where destroyed by Burkan al Firat in west of Kobane.

Burkan al Firat are united forces of FSA and others under leadership of ypg against isis.

For more detailed information about the clashes follow this links ;;view=article&id=2418:heavy-clashes-between-ypg-and-isis&catid=1:news&Itemid=2;view=article&id=2415:burkan-el-firat-strikes-another-blow-against-isis-in-kobane&catid=1:news&Itemid=2

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