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lördag 27 september 2014

YPG fighting isis  
At the begining the turkish media showed many Kurds from Kobane who fled
to turkey, and helped the Kurds to cross the border. To make propaganda
for Isis gangs. Kurds are running from isis gangs. isis has invaded
Kobane. The Kurds are hopeless against isis gangs.

But now they don't allow the thousands Kurds who fled Kobane to return. To support YPG.

But the Kurds don't
accept turkish borders and they will cross.

Ypg is not alone.In the begining honderds of Kurdish youths from turkey
got to Kobane to fight with YPG. Also honderds of HPG Gurrilla's and
peshmerge gain Kobane to Fight against isis Idiots.

Today (26-09) thousands cross the border into Kobane.

The Kurds will never give up the Fight against the Idiot State gangs.

Turkey prevents Kurdish refugees from fighting ISIL

Turkey has kept its border closed to prevent Syrian Kurdish refugees
from returning to the city of Kobani to fight the ISIL terrorists there,
Press TV reports.

The Syrian Kurdish refugees remain resolute to help the Kurds in Syria
and other Kurdish regions along Turkey’s border fighting against the
Takfiri group. They, however, say that Turkish authorities prevent them
from joining the Kurdish fighters.

“We want to help the people there but the border is closed. The
humanitarian situation of the Kurds is not good there,” Huseyin Gugor,
from Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Party, told Press TV.

Turkish Kurds accuse Ankara of being sympathetic toward the militants belonging to the ISIL Takfiri group.

“Most of the ISIL members are passing through Turkey,” Gugor said, adding that the militants enter Kurdistan region via Turkey.

“If it wants, Turkey can provide
peace in this region. But it does not,” he further noted.

The Syrian Kurds fleeing clashes between ISIL and Kurdish fighters in
the Kurdish city of Kobani and the surrounding areas have been massing
along the Turkish border since September 18.

Following the incident, Turkish authorities decided to temporarily shut
down the border, forcing the Kurdish refugees to be stranded on the
Syrian side of the volatile frontier. More
recently, however, as the refugees were allowed in, Turkey has faced a
rise in the number of the Kurdish refugees entering its soil. According
to the United Nations on Monday, over 130,000 Kurdish refugee entered
Turkey within three days.

Quoting Turkish government officials and media reports, The New York
Times reported on Monday that Turkey is one of the biggest sources of
foreign fighters for the Takfiri group, which has captured large swathes
of land in Iraq and Syria.

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