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fredag 26 september 2014

The Invisible psychopath

The Invisible psychopath.
 First things first!
This letter is about general, but it is also a mental illness Iranian woman who usually seek a family's information in Germany.

This website is aimed primarily at those who have or believe you have suffered a psychopath.
It is also likely to visit the host of many other reasons. Although it really is only out to take advantage of purely theoretical research comes with a certain probability to get "meat on the bones" because this page reflects largely the ordinary little man's encounters with odd people, the problems they bring with themselves and with the perspective focused on personality disorders in and around psykopatispektumet.
To search only research can be like "look at the stars to get a glimpse of the earth"!
The understandable psykopatin
An Iranian female accordance psycho searches family information
through their children attending the same school as she practices at the school.
She talked with the 9 year old boy.
Can you take your stepfather passport and your little brother's passport and leave me, I have a standing gift to you?
  mental ill woman
you can turn your little brother and kill him?
He is int Muslim if you kill him you will go directly to paradise ...
The boy. Well it's well hard that I could do it,
  what do I get if I were to kill my little brother?
mentally ill woman, God will give you everything you want, if you would.

Have you been hit by a psychopath?
Do you understand you are not on it?

It is advisable to cure!

Psychopathy is not so difficult to understand!
Read our site!
Most importantly,

"What you do not know you can get hurt"
Quote: Gogilol
All can be driven to desperate acts of psychopaths.
Children are especially sensitive and vulnerable individuals. has many links to child psychiatry services in different parts of the country. Do you find no one in your neighborhood is probably due to the absence or they do not present themselves on the Internet.
The evil in our midst


The person I once was, I will never be again. It has been seen to.
You nested Dej into my life, mixed the cards and started your fake game.
As a wild card, hidden in the game. Ready to cheating and so ugly game as possible, to you to win another victory.
I thought I was the Queen of Hearts, she was special and that made your heart beat.
She got your broken soul to heal at least a small part.
I thought I was the one who did Dej happy, the girl who made ​​you want to live, she who shared your soul.
But I was wrong, so I was cheated.
For you have no soul.
You do not know what true love is.
The only thing you can feel is your satisfaction, when you have once again managed to deceive another person.
A man who with their genuine feelings, unknowingly, lets himself be tricked by your fake game.
As a vampire sucking his blood, you suck your nutrients from living people and that's what makes you that continue living.
Without us you are nothing.
Wearing only an empty shell, you live in this world. / Erica

Seen on eminent psycho, who is it? and the state published the poem here, thank you Erica!

"Between the normal people it is good to be able to understand what others think and perceive about ourselves, because it gives us feedback on whether we managed to do something good for the other, or if we need to change something. But in relationships with manipulative individuals, that does not work the same way as the rest of us, is this characteristic is often a disadvantage because we are taking to us of attacks that have no basis in reality., we believe that the fault lies with us rather than the other, making it difficult for us to understand what the real problem is. "
Quote: The normalization of psychopathic behavior
"You will stay, in the middle of the step, enthralled or terrified. Once he has chosen you, locked up with their eyes, disarming you with his words and checked up with his presence - your life will never be the same again. He will take you on a journey, an adventure, you will experience a life you never had in mind, a shimmering quagmire, a fairytale world or the pure terror. He will smile and deceive you. You will start again and again, but it will always be you who gets the bill. And when he is done with you - and he will be finished with you - he will take with him your innocence and your pride. You will be left sad, very sad, but not more intelligent. For a long time, you'll wonder what was happening and what you did wrong. And if anyone else as he comes and knocks on your door - you will be open then? "

Robert D.
brutal sadists
Psychopaths are the most brutal and sadistic people who are. They are so inhumane that they are reluctant to call them people. When we are exposed to them, we have so hard to understand.

How can they do this to us?
How do they behave like this?
Why are they so insensitive?

Have they no conscience?
Have they no shame?
They do not care about what other people think about them?
Answer: NO!

Is it possible to understand this evil?
Can you understand them?
Answer: YES!

The truth is that the ordinary psychopath are among us, and do not commit bestial acts, but strike us with fear power, take power over us, steal our energy and leave us shattered.

It is bad enough.
And it is a major pain for those who suffer.
It happens every day.
And it gets no headlines.

There is the ordinary psychopath you are liable to encounter. It is unlikely that he or she looks like you pictured. When you understand who you met, the damage is already done.

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