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lördag 27 september 2014

Kurds in Europe mobilise for Kobanê

Kurds in Europe mobilise for Kobanê

The Kurdish people living in Europe step up their actions as the clashes in Kobanê become more violent
Answering the call of KCD-E in solidarity with Kobanê under the slogan “Time for Serhildan (uprising)”, the people from Kurdistan living in Europe took to the streets at many European centers today.

Thousands of Kurdish people demonstrated in front of parliaments and embassies in dozens of cities, raising one common voice promising to continue their protests until their demands are met.
Kurd ave organized protest demos in front of parliament buildings and embassies in Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam. Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Saarbrucken, Hannover, Mannheim, Wien, Copenhagen, Bordeaux and many other cities in support of the Kobanê resistance.
The demos in many centers are expected continue during the night till morning. The information received by ANF from the demos in some cities are as follows:
Hundreds of people gathered in front of the French Parliament building demanding urgent aerial operations from France against the ISIS gangs. The protestors demanded to meet the authorities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however they have not yet received a response.
The National secretary of the French Communist Party Pierre Laurent and the parliamentary group chair of the party are said to be making efforts to arrange a meeting.
Some 200 people organised a sit-down protest in front of the Turkish embassy chanting slogans “Terrorist Turkey”, “Terrorist Erdoğan”, “Long Live the Kobanê Resistance”.
Some 50 Kurds occupied one of the biggest airports in Europe, the Frankfurt airport, in the evening hours on 26 September in order to call attention to the violent attacks of ISIS on Kobanê. The protestors demanded European support, primarily the support of Germany to the resistance in Kobanê.
A large group held a sit-in protest in Schlossplatz at the city centre. The sit-in will be ended today with a march .
3 thousand people organized a march at the city centre in the German city of Hannover on the call of Democratic Kurdish Community Centre. The protestors distributed thousands of leaflets giving information about the current situation in Kobanê. The members and representatives of some NGOs and political groups such as the components of Union of Democratic Forces as well as left-socialist groups joined the demo.
A day-long sit-down protest which started on Tuesday and ended on Friday evening was held at the historical Brandenburg Tor Square of Berlin.
The demo was also joined by a large number of German Protestants Unity members who organized a religious ceremony in order to pray for the peoples under the threat of massacre.
The Kurdish women taking an active part in the demo submitted to German national television ARD a dossier informing about the attacks on Kobanê.
Another march was organized today at Wittenbergplatz in Berlin in support of Kobanê resistance.
The Kurdish people living in Saarbrücken held a sit-down protest in front of the Saarland State Assembly. Protestors submitted dossiers about Kobanê to the assembly administration and to all parties represented in the parliament.
A rally was organized as well in Landwehrplatz in Saarbrücken on Saturday afternoon.
The Kurdish people living in Manheim organized a rally in Marktplatz, forming a long human chain in demand of urgent action from the international community for Kobanê.
A sit-down action has started on Saturday in Kiel at Asmusbremerzplatz from 15:00 on.
The Kurdish people in Hamburg marched on Friday to the state parliament despite the police attempts and blockade to prevent the march.
On Saturday another march was organized in Hachmannplatz at 14:30.
Hundreds of protestors, gathering in front of the central station, blockaded the main road to the city centre in Essen, voicing solidarity with the resistance and people of Kobanê.
The Kurds in Holland occupied Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in order to call attention to the Kobanê resistance.
A march by Kurdish people took place in Wien as well, joined by many left-socialist groups and organizations.
In Toronto and Brussels the address of the demos for the Kurdish people was the USA embassies. Gathering in front of the embassy buildings, protestors called for sensitivity in the face of the attacks the Kurds are being exposed to.
Belgium police attacked the protestors joining a solidarity demo in Brussels.
The Kurds living in Oslo also staged sit-in outside the parliament building. While the demo reached high participation through circulation on social media, it also attracted the Norwegian TV channels which broadcast the demo and interviewed the protestors.
A group of Kurdish people and their friends have started hunger strike at the Denmark Kurdish Culture Centre. Danish MP Nikoloj Villumsen who visited the strikers said “The only way to stop the attacks of ISIS on Kobanê and Sinjar is to arm those who are fighting against ISIS on the ground”.
A resistance tent was set up in Bordeaux on 24 September, remaining open each day between 11:00 and 19:00 and providing information about the attacks of ISIS on Kobanê.
The Kurdish students also boycotted the schools in Bordeaux in order to call attention to the ongoing attacks of ISIS gangs on Kobanê.

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