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söndag 20 maj 2018

Civile in Kazeron is under Iranian religious fascist brutal   strength's attack

Civile in Kazeron is under Iranian religious fascist brutal
  strength's attack.
Kazron protests civilian deaths by government forces in recent demonstration

KAZRON, Shiraz - People in the city of Kazron were still gathered in the streets on Saturday after a month of demonstration and despite of government’s cancellation of their plan to divide the city, said Avatoday correspondent.

The protester were asking for an immediate arrest of the city’s prosecutor and the release of arrestees on Saturday, Avatoday reporter added.
Kazron’s prosecutor has ordered fire shots against the crowd during the recent demonstration that caused the death of seven civilians , among them were a child and a woman.
The government had planned to divide the city in to two parts, a decision that waged waves of demonstrations among the populations. The authorities has declared later that the plan is already out of implementation.
The demonstrators are still in the street, requiring arrestment and a fair trail for the city’s prosecutor after security forces authorized by him opened fire against the protesters and killed seven civilians.
“We ask for immediate release of the protesters who have been arrest by the government in last month of protestation. We also want the prosecutor to be arrested because he is responsible for the death of 7 civilians,”Said Majid, a citizen from Kazron who talked to Avatoday.
According to Avatoday reporter, people have been chanting anti-government slogans during the protestation on Saturday.  

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