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lördag 19 maj 2018

Israel attacked rocket base of qods forces in Syria

Israel attacked rocket base of qods forces in Syria.
Friday noon 18 may 2018 Hammat air Base in Syria suffered from a massive explosion  thar the smoke of it continued for hours.

SANA media news agency related to Syrian government confirmed the explosion in hammat Base but made no more explanations.
Rami Abdul rahman from the human right channel of Syria said in his report that the depo of ammunition in the south of the military air Base has exploded.
According to human right channel of Syria during last month Israel has hit the positions of qods forces of Islamic Republic revolutionary guard for many times.
The Pentagon has rejected any military interference in the attack to the hammat military Base which is the third biggest air port in Syria. 
According to the reports of  AVA today the network of qods forces were in the western part of hammat air base that were holding surface to air missiles of baver 373 made in Islamic Republic regime targeted by inelegence missile system of Israel.
The result of this was the disappearance of 60 personnel of IRGC . AVA Today has been told searching for the bodies of qods forces is by Syrian forces . IRGC has reported nothing about this assult by Israel and death of 60 personnel of their forces.

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