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lördag 19 maj 2018

Gardell has become the Erdogans jumping boy,

Gardell has become the Erdogans jumping boy,
Debater: Useful idiots are exactly what Turkey wants for their propaganda machine.
This is a debate article. It is the writer who stands for the views expressed in the text, not Aftonbladet.

Gardell's commitment to pay attention to harassment that affects Swedish Muslims is basically something to feel respect for. But the problem is that he is completely lacking in judgment when he allows himself to be published by Turkish propaganda thinkers, writes the debate leader. The picture is a montage.
DEBATT goes 4:00 AM
DEBATE. In March, the Swedish Anti-Semitism Committee was able to reveal that Professor Mattias Gardell was planning to participate in a conference organized by a regime-based Turkish research center. Among the other speakers were noted several well-known nationalists and AKP supporters who were also guilty of direct anti-Semitic statements. Following this attention, Gardell announced that he had made his contribution to the conference.

Unfortunately, Gardell's lack of judgment when it comes to legitimizing the regime of Islamist President Erdog was not a coincidence.

Last month, the Turkish government-led thinker SETA presented an anthology about Islamophobia in Europe. Chief speaker at the presentation was Erdogan Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. In anthology Gardell contributed a contribution to Sweden. Anyone who wishes to publicly criticize the content of this contribution is faced with a problem because, according to the copyright rules of the writing, it is said that even individual parts of the text can not be cited without the consent of the publisher.

I myself have been mentioned and unilaterally negatively described in the text Gardell handed over to Turkey's Foreign Minister.

Since I was a child, I have been a part of the socialist Kurdish liberation movement like Erdogan terrorist stamps, so I guess the regime is pleased with its jumping boy's efforts.
Gardell's commitment to pay attention to harassment that affects Swedish Muslims is basically something to feel respect for.

But the problem is that he is completely lacking in judgment. An intellectual should be able to keep several thoughts in his mind at the same time.

And as a political activist, his solidarity should be with his regime-critical colleagues at Turkish universities who were fired or imprisoned by Erdogan.

Gardell has in other contexts warned of arbitrariness in the use of the term "terrorism". But he is obviously unable to see how AKP terrorist stamps Kurdish and Turkish freedom fighters and opposites.

In Gardell's circles, one criticizes the discourse of power, but apparently he has not understood that the expression of Islamophobia is also used in the Turkish propaganda to suspect the outside world's criticism of the regime's constraints of democracy and freedom of speech.

This persecution of dissent is also taking place in Swedish soil, which I recently asked questions to the Swedish Foreign Minister in the Riksdag.

Dictatorships also want to show that they have the support of intellectuals outside the country. There is therefore a Turkish demand for Western European useful idiots.

And here Gardell has chosen the wrong side when he fooled himself to believe that Erdogan's interest in Islamophobic expressions in Sweden would be based in the care of human rights.

The one who really cares about minority rights is detached from the Turkish regime. We who have been in danger of our lives have been fighting and moving from Islamic dictatorships understand the seriousness of playing this game. Gardell should apologize and immediately cancel all his contacts with the Turkish propaganda machine.

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