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söndag 27 maj 2018

Nationwide strike in Iran commences on the fifth day.

Nationwide strike in Iran commences on the fifth day.
The truck drivers' nationwide strike continued on Saturday for the fifth consecutive day. The strike is ongoing today according to reports in 224 cities in 31 Iranian provinces.

Taxi drivers and bus drivers in several cities have also joined the strike in solidarity with lorry drivers and in support of their demands.

Photos and videos from the nationwide strike are published on social media with a direct call to all workers in Iran to join the protests. The participants say the strike will continue and trucks will stand still until the regime's authorities meet their requirements.

The strike began on 21 May in 70 Iranian cities in protest against deterioration of living conditions, poor wages and high freight and operating and maintenance costs.

Agents from the intelligence service and the Revolutionary Guard threaten the strikers with hard reprisals, fines and arrest in an attempt to break the strike.

The regime is also trying to create divisions between drivers by promising those who break the strike higher payment for completed deliveries. However, this has been rejected by drivers explaining that they are united in their protest.

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