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onsdag 23 maj 2018

Truck drivers in Iran are organizing a nationwide strike.

Truck drivers in Iran are organizing a nationwide strike.

Astbil drivers organized a coordinated strike in 70 cities in 24 provinces in Iran on Tuesday. They blocked roads and refused loading in protest against deteriorating living conditions, poor wages, as well as high freight and operating and maintenance costs. Some of the cities where truck drivers strike are Tabriz, Shiraz, Esfehan, Qazvin, Kerman, Arak, Bandar Abbas, Hamedan and
The regime must be changed We do not want the Islamic regime we want freedom and democracy in Iran

The striking drivers said they will continue strike until the regime's authorities meet their demands. This nationwide strike is the latest in the line of several popular protests against the regime in progress in several Iranian cities.
The strike is spreading rapidly across the country, and taxi drivers in several cities have announced that they will join the strike soon in solidarity with lorry drivers, according to information from Iran.
The regime is trying to create divisions between drivers in the hope of warding the crisis. Some of these attempts included increased freight rates in several cities and ports. However, this was quickly rejected by drivers who announced that they continued their strike.

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