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lördag 26 maj 2018

HDP’s Demirtaş begins electoral campaign in prison Using the “prison resources” Demirtaş send his messages to voters.

HDP’s Demirtaş begins electoral campaign in prison
Using the “prison resources” Demirtaş send his messages to voters.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş, who is in prison in Edirne Prison, sent messages on Saturday via social media. Making the best use of the little means available in prison, Demirtaş proved that he won’t be silenced.
The messages are about the election work and have been published by Demirtaş’s lawyer on his Twitter account, @hdpdemirtas:
“A plane has flown over us today. I waved at it. The passengers gathered at the windows and said, "Aaa! Demirtaş”, and waved back at me. I shouted, “If I am elected, we won’t get a single cent tax on fuel used by farmers."
This propaganda, which I have made by using the state prison resources, is contrary to the election laws, dear YSK (Supreme Board of Elections)? Unfair to other candidates? You are very sensitive about justice (!)
A new prison is being built nearby. I said to the workers in the building: “If I get elected, I will abolish illegal work and illegal contracts. There will be no death on the workplace and the working time will be shortened. The minimum wage will be 3,000 TL. We will not sell out workers’ rights”.
“We will not build another prison in Edirne but more schools and hospitals" I continued. I do not know if they heard, but the construction sounds stopped for a while. The world has been beautiful for a minute.
We throw apples to the friends in the next cell for the Iftar (fast-breaking dinner). They first thought that three apples fell from the skies. "No, we threw them”, I said. "If I get elected, the judiciary will be independent, fair and impartial. Not one single innocent citizen will get to prison, and the ill prisoners will be released immediately".
They prayed I will get elected. "May Allah accept this”, I said. At that time they came for roll-call. It takes a long time to count us. Six million people live in one cell.
Dear diary, I will soon attend a rally to complete my current election work for today. I am worried that Mr. Abdullah (Kurdish MP Abdullah Zeydan who is jailed in the same cell with Demirtaş) will suffer a short-circuit as he is the only audience of the rally J
But let it be it. At today's rally I will once again talk about the beauty of peace, brotherhood, equality. I will repeat this without ever getting sick of it, until peace is achieved.”

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