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onsdag 23 maj 2018

How many Iranian agents are in Sweden?

How many Iranian agents are in Sweden?
Today Omid Sharifi Dana born (19840722 works as Iranian agents in Sweden, but nobody wants to ask him what are you doing here in Sweden? If you defend the Iranian religious regime then it's better to go back to Iran if so live here and spy against opposition members here in Sweden.
Omid Shrifi Dana is an anti-Semitic. Iranian Nazis share his story.
Omid shares a 56 m² lease with a 37-year-old woman.

As information received from Iran, the Iranian regime sent many agents to European countries. One of these countries is Sweden. Omid Sharifi's annual income for all Omid in Sweden is 157,814 skr.
One of the Iranian Foreign Revolution Guard's quds forces revealed that Iran sent quds forces members to European countries, Iran has helped Iranian female agents to marry Swedish men also other men in order to do what the Iranian regime wants.
The Iranian regime has taught them female agents to get to Swedish important authorities so that they can come across members of the opposition's names and information, since those agents forward to the Iranian intelligence service.
The Iranian regime's female and male agents came to European countries with high grades of education when they agents for the help of Iranian different business workers in euro-peoples countries also embassy pay extra money to those agents to go to university.

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