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måndag 28 maj 2018

Yet another inhumane crime in Afrin

Yet another inhumane crime in Afrin
A police force made up of TAF-allied FSA gangs has been documented torturing civilians in Afrin. The footage shows two civilians dragged through the streets by 3 men with guns.

There has been a new addition to the news of torture, looting, usurpations, abductions and rapes despite statements on the contrary in Afrin where the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and their allied gangs took over control after forcing a portion of the population out in a series of attacks they launched on January 20.
The recorded footage shows three armed men torturing two civilians by dragging them through the streets. According to statements by the person claimed to have recorded the footage, the incident happened in the Mahmudiyah neighborhood of Afrin.
The torture in front of all to see in broad daylight is said to have become part of routine daily life in Afrin now.
After March 18 when Syrian Democratic Forces left the city to prevent civilian deaths in the attacks, the region’s control had first been given to the Hatay Governorate. Later, following a meeting held in Antep by the lead of the MİT and the Foreign Ministry, a council was formed out of the allied groups and this council was tasked with governing the city under control of the Hatay Governorate.
The leaked torture video shows the police force under the local council made up of FSA gangs.
Since the day the police force took over, incidents of torture, robbery, theft and abduction have not let up. Prominent people of the city have been detained and taken to unknown locations, and some were released after their families paid ransom.According to local sources, no serious steps have been taken by Turkey or international organizations and foreign states to prevent these crimes committed under supervision of the invading Turkish soldiers and have those responsible put on trial.
A statement released by the Syrian Women’s Council regarding the situation in Afrin said at least 119 women have been abducted and subjected to sexual assault and harrasssment in the city.
On the situation in teh city, the Council’s General Coordinator Lîna Berekat had said: “Ethnic pressure, massacres and attacks against women’s rights are at a peak. Prisoners are being tortured and killed. Martyrs’ funerals are being attacked. Illegal practices, looting and robbery, burning of historic documents and books, damaging religious temples and bombings have run rampant. Civilians have been abducted and murdered, children have been abducted, cemeteries have been bombed, the Heyva Sor Center and Avrin Hospital have been bombed, the Meydankê Dam and power and water facilities have been bombed, mills and bakeries have been bombed, banned weapons have been used, civilian convoys have been attacked and civilians have been used as human shields.”

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