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torsdag 31 maj 2018

Turkey Without Erdogan

Turkey Without Erdogan
Dollar: 4,50 Turkish Liras
Euro: 5,50 Turkish Liras
Turkey Without Erdogan: Priceless

Erdogan broke a challenging record by taking Euro from 1,20 to 5,50 Turkish Liras since he came to power. During his period of ruling, the budget of the country was used for his personal and political aims. While Turkey becomes less interested in science everyday, Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey gets billions of dollars, making it higher than all the ministries combined. One of the reasons of this economical plunge is Erdogan building himself a new Palace and his luxurious spendings since the beginning. People are outraged that the government continues its luxurious spendings as Turkey goes bankrupt. Turkey is going to the polls on 24 June to elect a President. FEMEN calls on everyone NOT to vote for Erdogan to stop this plunge!

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