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onsdag 16 maj 2018

Regime of censorship and repression of Iran

Regime of censorship and repression of Iran
The software warfare of ISIL's Shiite regime of censorship with oppressed and oppressed Iranians

The filtering of the telegram was not enough; this time the Islamic madness regime has started filtering the filterers.

Following the decision of the Islamic Republic to block the crackdown, the Minister of Communications and Technology said: "Infrastructure" should not be allowed to let pollsters spread among the people and should stop them. Azari-ye Jahromi has started to block blockers and there is no legal problem in this connection with this government action. To Azari, Jahromi, the use of filter breakers is desirable for those who are looking for revolution and the overthrow of the regime. In this context, some supporters of blocking offenders claim: The reason for filtering these software is because of the gathering of user information.

Following protests of January 96, in which more than 100 Iranian cities fled the streets to protest repression, corruption, and astronomical embezzlement, the efforts of the Islamic Republic's authorities to filter virtual networks intensified.

There are over 40 million telegram users in Iran. Telegram filtering does not cause people to be discarded, and users of the telegram are still using this network using different filter filters. The continuation of the free circulation of information in the telegram has worried the Islamic Republic, and the filtering of filtricks has become very serious in spite of many popular protests over the past few days.

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