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onsdag 16 maj 2018

on Svt Opinion: Sweden has to change its failed Iran policy.

on Svt Opinion: Sweden has to change its failed Iran policy.
time for Sweden to change its failed Iran policy, instead of criticizing Trump, "writes FFFI vice-chairman Mojtaba Ghotbi in a debate on Svt Opinion on Wednesday.

"It is the government's irresponsible and shameful Iran policy that has left Swedish companies in the current situation. This despite warning that Iran's economy is controlled by companies and institutions with direct links to the Revolutionary Guard and the highest spiritual leader, Khamenei, "he wrote referring to the EU's promise yesterday to protect European companies from US sanctions.

"Increased risk of war and proliferation of nuclear weapons, US-Europe splitting, victory for the hard forces in Iran, and distrust of the United States future commitment not least to the Korean talks are some arguments raised to criticize President Trump's message," added Mojtaba.

"But these are as unfounded as the promise that the Iran Agreement will reform the unacceptable behavior of the priesthood and bring economic benefits to the Iranian people. The ongoing regime-critical protests and the continuing strikes of the workers across Iran clearly show that the Iranian people have had enough of the fury of the clergy, "he wrote in response to alerts from so-called Iranese experts and European diplomats about an upcoming Iran.

"This is now a reality and our ministers should change the government's shameful and failed Iran policy instead of criticizing President Trump when he meets one of his promises. The new Iran policy should support the Iranian people's democratic aspirations and their demands for a democratic change based on more decisive policies in coordination with the EU and the United States that focus on setting the regime for its human rights violations, support for terrorism and ballistic robotic programs, "Mojtaba wrote in a direct call to the government and the UD.

The whole debate can be read on Svt Opinion's website, here .

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