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tisdag 1 maj 2018

long live May 1st international workers day. Today, in many countries, a worker is being violated by various employers or the political system

long live May 1st international workers day.
Today, in many countries, a worker is being violated by various employers or the political system

Long live May 1st,
International Labor Day!
This year, the workers welcome the world over, May 1 in a position then capitalist
The system is facing an increasingly paralyzing crisis and there blood-sucking
Capitalists through their state apparatus demand "tightening" on the masses in general
and the workers in particular in order to maintain their astronomical gains. Once again loaded
the burden of the inherent crisis of the capitalist system increasingly on the workers
masses. Capitalism's "actions" have jeopardized the working and living conditions for workers
and have made it difficult for them in many countries to even have the most necessary.
Mass layoffs, mass unemployment, poverty, misery, hunger and homelessness are among them
Results that such programs have brought to the poorest masses. At the same time have
gains for a handful of parasitic capitalists increased.
It is obvious that the above reality is by no means limited to a particular country, but
rather, it is a worldwide issue that presents itself in different degrees throughout it
capitalist world. If the capitalist rulers in Cyprus consider breaking a part
people's savings at once, although resulting in a massive resistance among
the masses and made the government partially withdraw from their original plans, if
Greece Several workers are losing their jobs every day, if in England the government is shameless
fought an attack on social contributions and also disabled people, if in Spain, in Ireland, i
Portugal, in Sweden and in all other capitalist countries, we witness different forms of this
massive attack on rights that workers and oppressed masses have fought under
decades of hard fighting, all this is a sign of capitalism's attempt to temporarily win over
its inherent crisis.
In Iran, which is under the dominance of imperialism and forces that depend on
Capitalism governs the country, not only that the system as a whole is in crisis but also on
Because of its deprivation, the imperialists have tried to transfer the burden of the crisis from
mighty metropolitan lands on the periphery, and among other things the masses and, in particular, the working class in Iran.
Therefore, every day we witness that production lines cease and closures of factories
along with massive redundancies are carried out, payroll regardless of the ever increasing
Inflation is incurred, wages are not paid out and temporary work or "blank
check "employee agreement is introduced (blank check is a contract whereby workers provide
agree to their immediate termination when the employer so wishes). This illustrates
clearly not only the size of the current crisis, but also shows the wild attempts of it
ruling the bourgeoisie to suck life from those workers who have no other means of survival
without selling their labor. For example, the monthly minimum wage is legislated for this year
about 1000 kr per month, which is many times below the poverty line as per official
standard. In fact, as government officials have acknowledged, this amount is barely
enough to rent a one and generally it is about 2,000 kr less than one
working family needs to reach the poverty line. This is a simple description
by a society in which capitalists, by means of their regime, increasingly focus on the masses
Of course, this reality can not be done without resistance and without protests. Therefore every day
We see battle from workers across the country: workers in many factories strike to get
their unpaid wages and workers in front of their protests in streets and squares and beyond official
buildings. In short, there is not a day when workers do not protest against unpaid
wages or against being fired from factories, and not a single day without the workers
closes production to show its resistance to temporary contracts, etc.
These protests and these matches take place while the ruling dictatorship looks in each
strike the monster of a forthcoming revolution, and that is why it immediately sends its
repressive forces to disperse the workers. The fact is that the Islamic Republic has throughout
its repressive existence that served as a beneficial regime for imperialism. The
has resorted to all means, from divorce, replies, disappearance, murder, prison, torture and
executions to break the struggle of the workers and especially to prevent them from organizing
in independent organizations. For that reason, it is the remarkable feature of these
fighting the lack of broad unity as well as lack of organization; factors that have caused them
has become less successful and effective. The Islamic Republic has its iron hand
clearly shown that as long as it is in power there is no possibility for workers to be free
organize and create their own nationwide organizations. Therefore, the necessity is necessary
to overthrow this regime and the dependent capitalist system, which in its nature regenerates
dictatorial regimes, a central task for the Iranian working class. However, has previously
Experience showed that an end to the Islamic Republic and all its fractions should
result in achieving the workers' rightful demands only when performed by the working class and
its allies under its own fana, and not through any other exploitative clicks and
their international protector, in other words, through imperialist alternatives.
Fighting workers!
The extensive experience of the labor camps around the world has shown that only the workers
can liberate themselves, and that this is not possible without the independent joints and fronts of the workers
and without their associated revolutionary organization. Therefore, the working class is not only
facing the task of fighting for better working and living conditions, but also facing the great
the task of overthrowing the ruling regime and bringing the revolution to victory, a task
which can not be achieved without building the workers' revolutionary organization and without using
its revolutionary power against the ruling dictatorship.
To celebrate May 1, let's strive with the fullest impetus for the promotion of this magnificent task.
Long live May 1st, International Labor Day!
Down with the imperialism-dependent Islamic Republican regime!
Victory to the revolution! Long live communism!

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