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torsdag 3 maj 2018

He is a spy he photographs people

He is a spy he photographs people,Stop Erdogan's spies

The man in the picture usually photographs around in southern Sweden Kurdish men and women.

Stop Erdogan's spies
disclosure that an adherent to President Erdogan's party AKP has tried to get Turkish people to map and quote Turkish citizens stamped as enemies to the Erdogan power party is outrageous.
However, it is not surprising. For a time, President Erdogan has pointed out the Gülen movement, which he formerly was allied with in order to neutralize the "deep state" in military and public administration, as the main enemy, after the Gülenan hanger in the judiciary targeted corruption focus also on Erdogans relatives and allies. Now, Erdogan claims, without presenting any evidence, that the Gülen movement was behind the failed military coup just a year ago.
In Sweden there is a large Turkish-born minority. But they are not a single mass that Erdogan can control. On the contrary, many came here as political refugees, especially the many Kurds who were subjected to the warring and oppression of the Turkish state.
Recently, a large increase in the number of refugees from Tukiet has been noted, as a result of both Erdogan's hunt for suspected Güllen sympathizers and the re-initiated war against the Kurds. It is probably because of this refugee wave that the Erdogan party wants to map the Turkish citizens in Sweden - as in Germany and other countries with large Turkish minorities.
Turkey's actions are of course completely unacceptable - but not unique. For example, China has extensive agency operations to map Uighur and Tibetan refugees in Sweden. Eritrea's regime tries to control the Eritreans who moved to Sweden, among other things through a type of "taxation". Other authoritarian countries also act similarly.
Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has had contact with the Turkish ambassador about the agents, and the police must now act forcefully. The illegal intelligence business must be stopped.

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