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söndag 6 maj 2018

Mohamed Mousa criticizes Iraqi silence over Turkish violation

Mohamed Mousa criticizes Iraqi silence over Turkish violation.

The secretary of the Leftist Kurdish Party in Syria, Mohammed Mousa said that "It is shameful to penetrate the state borders of another state without the latter even to denounce the matter," referring to the Turkish occupation of Başûr Kurdistan as the Iraqi government and Başûr region remained silent.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with Mohammed Mousa about the aggression and the Turkish occupation of Başûr Kurdistan’s territories and the silence of the Iraqi government and the world.
In the regard Mohammed Moussa said "It is really shameful for a state to breach the borders of another country without the latter even condemning the violation of the sovereignty of its territories ," he said, criticizing the silence of the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Turkey's violations in the Kurdish territories of Başûr, Iraq and bombing its villages and killing its people.
Mousa continued: "Turkey's main objective of its attacks on Başûr Kurdistan is to break the will of our Kurdish people and divide them under fake pretexts to be an excuse to the Iraqi government and the international community’s silence for violations in Başûr."
Mohammed added "But Turkey must review itself again, because it is well aware that the will of our Kurdish people cannot be broken by this aggression, because we are people who have learned resistance, and struggle to preserve our existence."
As for the upcoming Turkish elections scheduled for June 24, Mohamed Mousa said "The early elections in Turkey came because of Erdogan's fear of the consequences of his dirty policies in the region, his attacks and occupation of North Syria and Başûr Kurdistan, in addition to the tense situation in Turkey because of his dictatorship and especially against his opponents."
Moussa ended his speech "Erdogan, by announcing early elections, is trying to cover up his defeats and to take advantage of the imposition of a state of emergency to rig the elections as he wants and to distance his opponents. Erdogan wants to be the absolute ruler in Turkey and to put all powers in his hand and force the people to vote for him. Elections are essentially illegal."

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