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söndag 13 maj 2018

To my Swedish friends about the Iran Agreement

To my Swedish friends about the Iran Agreement
President Trump has decided to leave the nuclear agreement with the Iran regime. Most European media and representatives of the Swedish government deplore the decision and believe it increases the risk of war.

The American regime has had a position in Iran since the 1950s, namely that, regardless of who controls the country, it is better to keep up with the regime than with the people of Iran. The United States supported the Shah, made a coup against the best prime minister we had (Mossadegh) and consequently regarded with skepticism by many Iranians. After the 1979 revolution, the United States and the moons have had a hate / love relationship. Despite many contradictions between important issues, various US administrations in the past 39 years supported the de facto regime. One advocated a policy of poisoning the regime that reached the coal during President Obama's time.

Now the United States has decided that in the conflict between the people of Iran and the regime no longer be on the side of the regime. There is no concrete support for the people who opposed the regime of food and increased freedom in Iran. Major popular demonstrations have swept across the country since last winter, and the regime continues to respond by swallowing them with hard methods like grabbing thousands and killing tens of activists.

The EU and Sweden chose to support the regime. We do not forget that!

Now the United States chooses to reintroduce sanctions against Iran's regime. It is a welcome step for many common iranians and many in the Iranian political diaspora. You know that the regime in Iran consists of a corrupt killer conglomerate ruled by a power lord, namely the Revolution Guard. They control major sectors of Iran's economy. Their misdemeanor has damaged Iran in many different areas, in some cases, as the environment may be already delayed when environmental pollution and the crisis in water supply and agriculture have ruined many common people. Large parts of the population live below the minimum of living, hunger and drought plagued many families, especially in poor parts of the country. Many workers, teachers, nurses have not received their wages paid for up to 24 months. This has led to great waves of strikes across the country.

The people have had enough. Many Iranians experience the new US policy as positive as it puts pressure on the Revolutionary Guard.

The worries that are painted as threats to war do not match the reality of many Iranians. The regime has not left them in peace during their 40 years of brutal rule! The corruption and misery experienced by people appeared in the slogan on Iranian streets in the last months. Ordinary Iranians, peasants, workers, youths, scandalized during these protests, "a single corruption lacking can fix our misery" or "they say the enemy is the United States, it's wrong, the enemy is here" clearly referring to the regime's propaganda!

Dear friends

Do not be fooled by crocodile years for peace in the region that the EU ministers are now setting. They are worried about losing lucrative financial agreements with the Tehran farmers.

We who want a democratic, popular change in Iran with increased equality and justice for people in the country are delighted that the regime is squeezing!

We do not want a foreign war, we do not want to have continued taxation policy.

We want support for a popular uprising, we work for it. We deserve support from the democratic nations of the world!

We gather in Paris on 30 June to support an Iranian change, a free Iran, a society away from torture and public executions, a country free of women's pressure!

We achieve that with our own power and our own people.

Just you know.

Sina Dashti
Doctor and Human Rights Activist

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