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torsdag 3 maj 2018

Today, information about Turkish spy activity in southern Sweden was received.

Today, information about Turkish spy activity in southern Sweden was received.
When I was on my way home today, a Turkish man photographed the people who had Kurdish backgrounds.
first photographed a Kurdish woman who had a child in Malmö.
When I spoke to a Swedish girl she pointed to the man, said this Turkish man photographed a Kurdish woman.
when my Swedish friend took several pictures of the man and the man is between 168 and 173 centimeters tall and a little heavy wearing a coat that had a skin on the elbows. between 18:25 on after dinner.
on bus line 1 and 35 ,, while the man went by bus number 1 when it happened.

Turkish regime wants to spy on Swedish citizens in Sweden.
TURKEY | Turkey now wants to engage in illegal marriages or refugee pioneers against Swedish citizens in Sweden.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shows more and more clearly that he is a revenge dictator who does not commit himself to pursuing opponents even in Sweden.

On Facebook pages, AKP supporters all call "to report people, organizations and institutions that support or finance Fethullah Gülens terrorist organization, both in Norway and abroad", according to Ekot.

Turkey's Ambassador in Sweden sees no problem at all for Turkey to gather information about Swedish citizens.

He says to Ekot:
"- I do not think Sweden has laws that prohibit Turkey from gathering information about the activities of an organization trying to overthrow the government in Turkey. All states have the right to gather information about actions directed against it - even if it's about individuals living in Sweden, he says. "

The fact that Swedish citizens mean very little for a paranoid regime.

In Sweden, about 50,000 people live with Turkish backgrounds, the majority of which are Swedes with parents or grandparents born in Turkey. Erdogan considers himself apparently entitled to engage in illicit intelligence, espionage and indication against Swedes.

Remarkably, the government and foreign minister Margot Wallström are in vain. Wallström who otherwise appears to be a sheltered and undefeated minister avoids the question with the motivation that "- It is not for the government to decide if this is something criminal. It is for judicial authorities to judge it. "
She says that it gives an opportunity for talks with the Turkish ambassador about this and the very worrying development in Turkey.

It is obvious that the government does not dare to bump into Turkey, and then Swedish-Turkish security weighs easily.
The Swedish police have received several notifications from Turks that say they have been mapped and threatened. Photo: TT
More reports Turkish maping in Sweden
More and more people living in Sweden express themselves critically against the Turkish regime reporting to the police how they are mapped and threatened by a Turkish organization related to Turkey's ruling party. It reports Ekot.

Turkey continues to chart regime critics residing in Sweden, according to Sveriges Radio Ekot.

The Swedish police have received several notifications from Turks that say they have been mapped and threatened by representatives of an organization close to the Turkish government party AKP.

Attempting to recruit declarants
Ekot has also taken note of recordings where the organization attempts to recruit opposition as an attorney against other regime critics.

The security unit for security issues investigates several of the notifications, Ekot said earlier that Turkey charts opposition parties, especially people who sympathize with the Gülen movement.

"Fruits for my safety"
One of those who received threats in Sweden is the regime-critical journalist Abdullah Bozkurt, who has received social media since he has appeared in articles in Turkish media where he is produced negatively.

- They mention my name, where I live, what actions the Turks can do to me when they see me, says Abdullah Bozkurt to Ekot.

"I fear for my safety and I do not talk to anyone where I am

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