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lördag 12 maj 2018

civilan killed by isis terrorist bombning in raqqa

3 civilians martyred by IS' mines in al-Raqqa
The General Command of the Internal Security Forces in al-Raqqa city noted that 3 civilians lost their lives due to exploding mines which left by IS mercenaries at them while removing the rubbles from some destroyed buildings.

The General Command issued a statement in this regard and said,
"Mines of IS mercenaries exploded on Saturday, May 12 inside a destroyed building  in the al-Amassi area in al-Raqqa, while the rubble was being cleaned by a loader, and that resulted in killing the driver and two civilians, and also many people got wounded.
We in the Internal Security Forces offer condolences to ourselves and to the families of the martyrs, and we pledge our people to follow the footsteps of our martyrs who are our moral leaders and thanks to them, our lands are being liberated.”

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