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onsdag 25 juli 2018

95 years of Lausanne II, who have not won, who have not been defeated?

95 years of Lausanne II, who have not won, who have not been defeated?

Perhaps it is important to collect the motives of the combatants in World War I if they are in the allies or axis.
That the allies have two ideas or two main goals: the transfer of modernism from the commercial stage to the industrial stage of the political, including the imposition of the idea of ​​a central national state on the Middle East; and the most important economic guarantor in turn in the seizure of oil discovered in the Middle East.
Axis empires (the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire), especially the Ottomans, were more strict to the occupation and the sharing of the world among themselves.
It is likely that Czarist Russia was been left to become communism and was largely excluded from World War I; however, in tracking the path, it seems that the place of Czarist Russia was much more compatible and more pivotal than the Allies.
As for the British victories in certain places under the control of the Ottomans, as did Edmund Allenby, who would not have mastered such a tremendous speed had it not been for the collusion of Major General al-Basha Mustafa Kemal Bin (Celanick) with the English; Mustafa Kemal who is Czarist movable new from Diyarbakir / as a responsible of the second army, a commander of the Palestine Front.
On the night of his withdrawal from Nablus, Allenby entered the night (19/9/1917). The route of his withdrawal from Nablus to the east of Jordan, Damascus and Aleppo, then Taurus Mountains, the withdrawal was sudden, Ali Hassoun confirmed that in his book "the idol man" and Mohammed Farid Bak history of the Ottoman upper state.
In the period of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the conflict was small between Ankara (secular) government led by Mustafa Kemal. And the government of the caliphate by the high door in Constantinople / Istanbul
In reinforcing the conflict between them, the facts and documents confirm that the pressure of the Allies on the Greek side and its commitment to successive withdrawals was the main reason that Mustafa Kemal was portrayed as the legendary leader. In fact, it was only the plays like Sakarya, Opium and Izmir.
The Allies withdrew from Aski and Konya to Mustafa Kemal and the English occupation of Istanbul on March 16, 1920. These are all field presences for the Peace Conference or the 13- Sefer Treaty, which was prepared by five special committees, which sprang from the Peace Conference held in Paris on January 29, 1919, which also acknowledged the emergence of Kurdistan;
It is noteworthy that the Kurds in which a group of (Bakawat) led by General Sharif Pasha. In fact, it can be said that the Peace Conference was the basis of the Sefer treaty on 10 August 1920 between England, France, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hejaz and Armenia, on one hand, and the Ottoman Sultanate on the other. But the government of Ankara saw in Sefer treaty signed by the government of Istanbul as a humiliating betrayal of the Turks, especially after Mustafa Kemal took most of the Kurds to his side with more rights than those that were coded in Sefer.
It is also tragic that the head of the Turkish delegation, Esmat Inonu, declares to that "Turkey is for the twin people Turkish and Kurdish peoples, equal to the state, and have equal patriotic rights). Turkey would act only two years after Lausanne killed more than half a million Kurds.
In addition to the internal situation in Ottoman Turkey and the multi-polar conflict at the time, especially between the government of Istanbul under the leadership of Sultan Mohammed VI and the Grand Imam and the Government of Ankara as mentioned above.
America's withdrawal from the reconciliation conference following the loss of the Democrats in the 1921 US elections and the defeat of 14-year-old Doro Wilson, including the principle of the right of peoples to self-determination, in which America was largely aspiring to curb the ambitions of France and Britain in the Middle East.
And the attempt of the latter, namely Paris and London, to encircle the Turkish-Soviet opening, especially after signing the Moscow Treaty or the fraternal treaty which is a treaty of friendship signed between the Turkish National Assembly led by Mustafa Kemal and the Bolshevik Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin on 16 March 1921, culminating in a second agreement that ended Stalin's red Kurdistan 1923
In addition to the desire of the British party to end the negotiation process quickly as a result of the pressure of the soldiers' families, in addition to the problem of Ireland, which caused a political dispute between the English politicians, these factors contributed to the combined combination of the Turkish party to get the many of his demands in Lausanne 1923 as a new Lausanne II treaty, are distinct from Lausanne treaty, signed on October 18, 1912 between Italy and the Ottoman Empire, which ruled that the latter withdrew from Libya for Italy
The new treaty of Lausanne contained 143 articles distributed among 17 documents between agreement, charter, declaration and supplement. These articles dealt with arrangements for reconciliation between the signatory parties and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between them, according to international law ".
The Treaty of Lausanne lasted about eight months intermittently and was finally signed on 24 July 1923 at the Hotel Beau Rivage Plus in Lausanne, southern Switzerland. Mustafa Kemal's representative to Lausanne was Ismat Enono and (Haim Nahum). When negotiations between Karazon, Britain's foreign minister, and Ismat Inono and Nahum was traveling, Nahum sent a telegram saying that he was coming "Ismat is my friend, and volunteered for my word, and listen to me " According to the assertion of the author Captain HR Armstrong.
Of course, the above does not take full account of the conditions of Lausanne. But it is important in the second sin of Lausanne to be confirmed that it was an agreement between thieves on one hand and sorcery on the other. When he was foreign minister, he said to the author of the strategic depth book Ahmad Daoud Oglu said: "Why, when all Europe is trying to unite nations and remove borders between them, does not qualify as" the modern Roman Empire " "The new Romanians", while we call for the combination of those who lived under the banner of one state from a century ago, we become "neo-Ottomans?"They are saying about us, we are the new Ottomans, yes we are the new Ottomans.
In fact, the transfer of Turkey, which was stolen or transferred from the Ottoman Empire after 95 years of the Treaty of Lausanne, was only a combination of religious rule and the addition of the fascist nationalist day of Turkey to give a product that carries the greatest danger to the people of Turkey first and the people of the Middle East.
And the Turkish regime in all its stages, whether under the secularism cover or even today in the cloak of radical Islamism. Turkey has one goal in a single document called the "Melli Charter" and all peoples in the eyes of Turkey should be deleted as the end of the Kurdish people, or enslavement as it is and the Arab people, or its dream of victory over its historic enemy of al-Furs.
In fact, all the peoples of the earth are against Turkey in the eyes of its rulers and largely in the eyes of its new Ottoman Sultan Erdogan, who today speaks openly about Aleppo and Mosul and wakes to Egypt, Sudan and the Gulf at a time when the blood of Afrin and the blood of the people of Syria is still flowing from his mouth.
But the date of July 24 is not limited to the history of Lausanne only. On the same date in 1920, the Kurdish leadership led Yusuf al-Azmah to the Battle of Maysaloun against the French mandate. As well as on the same date after nine decades of the treaty of Lausanne, when the drafting committee concluded the social contract in the democratic autonomous administration of 2013.
This administration is more than the descendants of the Ottoman Empire has not been removed, as long as there is still in this autonomous administration hope of salvation from the Syrian crisis and the democratic solution of the Syrian crisis, and between them, history is certainly certain that the road has become clear either to be free or to be nothing but the agendas, the blood that was going on in Lausanne 2 has become corrupt; its owners are not prepared to continue occupying despotic dictatorships against the great power and social organization that guarantees the will of peoples who insist on coexistence and on the brotherhood of peoples in their social contract, that is how we live, and so only we are destined to live. In particular, the dictators did not prevail and in no way could defeat the peoples.

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