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måndag 16 juli 2018

Massoud 's family suffered severely by Turkish occupation of Afrin

Massoud 's family suffered  severely by Turkish occupation of Afrin
The citizen whose name is Masoud Hassan from Afrin people has lived a long and arduous journey of displacment after occupation their lands by the Turkish army and its mercenaries, and after a painful experience, it came to the conviction that living among its displaced people and continuing resistance is better than living under Turkish occupation.
The citizen Masoud Hassan from a resident of  Moska village in Rajo area in Afrin , he was forced to displaced from his home and headed towards al-Shahba canton with his wife and two children with Afrin residents after heroic resistance  appeared in the face of Turkish occupation 's attacks  and its terrorist mercenaries.
Turkish occupation 's aggression forced us to leave our land
the Turkish occupation. "We had bitterly lived days of our lives, and we were very close to death, especially our children, and to the very impact of heavy shelling on us  till this moment I can hardly believe we got rid of flying fire and barbaric weapons."
Hassan added "Rajo area was exposed in particularly to the most severe attacks and used all kinds of heavy weapons. The warplanes did not lose us they were hovering over us all the time from the first day of the attacks until the last moment of the occupation of Afrin. This forced us to leave Rajo and headed  to wards to Afrin."
They have been occupied our land and prevented us from returning
He was unable to live far from his land and property, which was built with the sweat of his forehead, and his desire to return to his land was always looking for a way to return,  he deceived of promotion by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the security and stability in Afrin. However, the reality of the situation, as Hassan says, was different
Massoud Hassan talking about  his return trip to Afrin said "When we arrived at the first crossing into Afrin city , we were attacked by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries. They fired at us haphazardly and then they arrested many people in front of our eyes. They had confiscated our phones and told us to go back."
Massoud Hassan has stayed for 20 day in Rajo it was enough to identify the falsity of the allegations and the true nature of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. Massoud witnessed many cases of arbitrary arrests of people, the abduction of civilians, including women, the theft of property and agricultural crops, the extortion of people and the imposition of royalties on them. That the Turkish military cut financial wages for mercenaries.
The trip is an arduous exodus for the third consecutive time
For fear to his wife and two children, Masoud was unable to find a safe way to get out of Afrin and save his life. He managed to reach to Azaz city and Jarablus and from there he managed to reach to Manbij city and then to Aleppo.  And now he is staying in al-Shahba canton between his family. He has severely suffered from the scourge during the third trip of displacing after he paid a huge exaggeration.
I will live on bread and water and will not accept to live with the occupation on my land
After the painful experience of citizen Massoud Hassan, he came to the conviction that living among his displaced people and continuing resistance is better than living under Turkish occupation. He also appealed to the people of Afrin not to be dragged behind the lies of the Turkish aggression, and steadfastness and consolidate their  hands together in al-Shahba canton until return together to Afrin liberated from Turkish abomination.

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