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onsdag 25 juli 2018

PUK MP Dawudi speaks about MİT’s men in Kirkuk

PUK MP Dawudi speaks about MİT’s men in Kirkuk
Kirkuk MP in the Iraqi Parliament Shiwan Dawudi spoke to the ANF and said he can prove the armed gangs being formed receive their orders from the MİT, with the documents he obtained throughout his research.

The invading Turkish state gathering an armed force from gang groups in Kirkuk has been exposed with documents as proof. Iraq MP from the PUK Shiwan Dawudî announced that the matter has been documented. The Turkish state aims to disrupt the peace in Kirkuk and throughout the region, and to invade Southern Kurdistan.
Every day the Turkish state’s attacks and plans to invade Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan are exposed further. Iraq MP from the PUK Shiwan Dawudî had recently announced to the public that the Turkish state has started to organize and train gang groups made up of Turkmens in Kirkuk for the invasion attacks. Dawudî had announced that the Turkish state has been forming armed groups loyal to them, along with the ITF (Iraqi Turkmen Front).
Kirkuk MP Shiwan Dawudî spoke to the ANF and said he has obtained documents in his research proving that the armed gangs formed in the region are under the Turkish intelligence service MİT.
Dawudî said: “Before they organized these gang groups, the MİT called on the man in Kirkuk’s Yachyi district known as Ershad Salîli, an official in the Iraqi Turkmen Front, and the Iraqi Turkmen Front official Hesen Turan who has 568 people under him. The MİT, Turkish intelligence takes these men from Kirkuk in secret with private vehicles and takes them to the Khabur Border Gate, to take them to Şırnak’s Silopi district and then to train them in the General Staff.”
Dawudî said these gangs are organized with money and their salaries are paid by the MİT: “The salaries these gang members receive range between 400 and 800 USD per month.” Dawudî said they are in possession of more information and documents on this gang of 568 members, and added that they have determined their IDs and handed them over to Iraqi officials.
Dawudî said the following on the purpose of the formation and organization of these groups: “The reason for the organization of this gang group is to deepen Turkish invasion launched in Bashure Kurdistan. With this gang group, Turkey wants to create groups loyal to them. Because they have lost to Iran in terms of the regional political balance, and looking at this year’s Iraqi general elections, it is mostly Shia MPs who have been elected. Only 8 Turkmen MPs won in the parliamentary elections, and 7 of them are Shia, with only one of them Sunni. Turkey wants to get what they lost in Iraq and Kirkuk with the elections through these gangs they train.”
Dawudî continued: “The Turkish state got close to the Hashd al-Shaabi to make this gang group look official and like an official military force. But the Hashd al-Shaabi didn’t accept that. Now they want to do the same under the guise of companies to defend Iraq. But when the general elections results were declared in Iraq, we saw these forces surround the Iraqi Supreme Board of Elections. These forces are openly being used for political purposes. They have been prepared to create chaos and unrest in the coming period.”
Political Observer Hêmin Hesîb pointed out the dangers the presence of these gangs bring and said: “These gang groups being formed in a place like Kirkuk where many languages, cultures and ethnic groups live together will lead the way to great conflict and chaos. It will pose an obstacle for the establishment of peace and safety in the region and in Kirkuk, and will deepen the existing conflicts and clashes.”
Lawyer Hejar Kakai said the following on the legality of the matter: “According to the Iraqi Constitution, no political group should have any kind of armed forces. And especially if the forces in question were formed and trained by a foreign state, that is definitely illegal. The matter must be inspected by Iraqi authorities at once and all political and military ITF activity must be stopped. Because there is an extrajudicial relationship they want to form, creating chaos in a country, and forming an illegal military force in another country.”

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