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måndag 16 juli 2018

MSD 's presidency : Turkish attacks on Syrian , Iraqi territoy happened by international understandings

MSD 's presidency : Turkish attacks on Syrian , Iraqi territoy happened by international understandings
The two Co-chairs of the Syria Democratic Council SDC in the joint speech of Ehlam Ahmed and Riad Darer explained during the third conference that the Turkish attack on Syrian and Iraqi territories took place with international understandings al-Ghouta in exchange of Afrin city ,Darra province  in exchange  for Iran out syria .

The speech of Co-chair of the Syria Democratic Council SDC came during their third conference, where the speech pointed that Iraq also continues to understand the formation of a coalition government against Iran and put Hezbollah on the list of terrorism means that the features of the next war in the region will be  against  Iran and Syria will be one of the first squares Which will be affected.
The joint speech for the Co-chair of Syria Democratic Council their third conference is as follows:
Structural causes in the internal and external systems and policies have been and continue to be the main influencing factor in creating wars and continuing crises in the Middle East, and conflicts are still taking an upward trend in which the authoritarian regimes behind them play a global hegemonic regime to deepen crises and establish destructive chaos in the region. In general and Syria in particular.
The narrow interests are still doing their work in Syria, and it is witnessing today a great polarization, including the attraction of forces and their differences, which in turn produce the understandings and agreements between the conflicting or belligerent parties, each of which seeks to control and occupation as much as possible of Syrian geography.
And what happened in North Syria after the occupation of Turkey to Afrin and what happened in Daraa, a clear indication of the international understandings that occurred based on their interests. It is likely to occur later in Idlib as well.
This means that the war in Syria is entering another phase, , and now the tools of war are being eliminated through the understandings, and the factors that are causing them to play their role in the coming decades are being retained. All the armed  gangs associated with Islamic State 's gangs , al-Jabhit al-Nusra ans al-Qaeda, in general are now in the range of the international powers allied in the Syrian file. Because the process of democratization is one of the most difficult and important processes needed by the region, we believe that comprehensive systems are maintained despite the end of their role, through tinkering that may benefit for a specific period of time, but not able to put the new, but just prolong its life. For example, the electoral processes that took place in Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey all re-produced the system itself, changing the faces of power only, and moving from hand to hand.
Turkey has undergone a complete change in the structure of the system, which has become more centralized and has retreated from the few democratic standards contained in the Constitution. Any change in neighboring countries must directly and directly affect the situation in Syria. The success of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Muqtada al-Sadr in Iraq and Erdogan in Turkey will have direct repercussions on Syrian reality.
The Turkish attack on the Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish territories in particular has also taken place with international understandings. Al-Ghouta in exchange for Afrin, Daraa in exchange for Iran. In Iraq, too, understandings continue about forming a coalition government against Iran and placing Hezbollah on the terrorism list. In the region will be against  Iran. Syria will be one of the first areas to be affected
The most dangerous of all the occupation operations that occur in the Syrian territories is the process of demographic change carried out by the regional countries, the resettlement of non-Syrian families in many cities after the removal of their original owners, and the resettlement of the families of the fighters instead of the Kurds in Afrin, a systematic policy aimed at these forces behind them To impose its control over the region, and to disrupt the energies and dynamics inherent in the fabric of Syrian society.
Seven years after the Syrian crisis, talks about the negotiations are still going on. The Geneva route is still the subject of interest by all parties. Unfortunately, the talks are still at the point. The Turkish veto and the exclusion process continue, and the fragmentation in the ranks of the opposition And the regime, with the support of its allies, is taking advantage of the opportunity and increasing its control of Syrian territory and restoring its domination
The imposition of militarization on Syrian reality and the rejection of peaceful dialogue between the parties has been and continues to be one of the greatest calamities that have led Syria to what it is now. In spite of the statements made by the  Syrian regime 's leadership with its openness to negotiating with the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, they did not exceed the theoretical level, and it appeared that the statements were messages sent to international and regional parties rather than to resolve the Syrian crisis on the basis of its negotiating path. Nevertheless, we believe that dialogue is the best way to reach the basic solution, end the war and fighting, and start the reconstruction process.
The invite for the establishment of the Syria Democratic Council (SDC) and the convening of its first conference on 8 and 9 December 2015 was aimed at supporting the cause of democracy, secularism, pluralism and human rights in Syria, and defending the rights of all Syrian components without exception. Focusing its activities on defending  North Syria 's regions from the terrorist attack in all its names and from conspiracies carried out by foreign-backed factions aimed at undermining brotherly coexistence among the components of society. The formation of People and Women protection Units (YPG, YPJ) and their involvement in joint forces bears its name from the declared goal of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which, thanks to the sacrifices and the blood of the martyrs, were able to liberate Manbij , al-Tabqa , al-Raqqa and the entire north of Deir –ez-Zor .These forces are the pride of what has been achieved by the popular revolution that seeks freedom and dignity and the building of a stable country whose sons have suffered from tyranny, negligance and marginalization for long periods
Between our second conference and this conference, there have been developments on the Syrian scene that give us the strong motivation to continue building after liberation.
After winning victories over the terrorist organization, democratic administrations have been established in these areas to establish peace, security, stability, building, and monitoring the needs and services of the citizens. This is why we need to restructure Syria Democratic Council SDC to become a holder of political building that will establish a comprehensive Syrian national democratic alternative. Certainly, starting from the national issue as a strategic priority to reach the solution of outstanding social issues, including the issues of the rights of components, this strategic option is a democratic secular solution and decentralized political system as an objective and political condition Dictated by circumstances existing internationally, regionally and locally and imposed by the circumstances of the war that the country has undergone and produced a conflict that can continue if it is managed in the same way that was manifested in the conflict between the regime and extremism, and the tyranny and the mechanisms that created them in the form of rival groups to meet in politics and beliefs and loyalty, and made the actors draw tracks for all and perpetuates extremism and continued conflict.
The new thing we aim at is an identity that revives our Syrian identity, a modern identity that is open to reality and does not hide behind the slogans. It contributes to change and does not confine itself to speculation. The Syrian components share a collective work that achieves its national and political presence and its cultural expressions and works to achieve the human rights charter in us before we demand it. Through enacted laws, or guarantees from States. This acquires racism from our souls and the recognition of rights, the first of which is the right to self-determination.
The interaction of all Syrian components is indispensable in the state of rights and citizenship. The collective structure does not eliminate the specificity of any component, but it absorbs and protects it, and where consensus is based on a social contract that adopts the international bill of human rights and related international agreements. Social relations and citizenship relations that recognize individuals and groups of their rights with freedom of choice, expression and self-determination.
In this regard, we can ensure the establishment of a national state according to a consensual constitution that guarantees the neutrality of the state towards its ethnic and religious components, and is equal to everyone, including the handover of any authority in the career ladder to the presidency of any citizen or citizen without a religious, national, ethnic or religious classification he is only citizen . This calls for thinking that the values of society in our eyes Syria's character and affiliation and reference, which means that the reference is the Syrian national confirmed the reality of diversity and diversity that characterizes the people of Syria.

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