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måndag 16 juli 2018

Returned from Afrin: Life was like nightmare

Returned from Afrin: Life was like nightmare
A family returning from Afrin city described life under the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries as "terrifying nightmare" and because they could not live in these circumstances they decided to go out to al-Shahba areas, after a four-day journey and paying money to the barriers' mercenaries, they had reached to al-Shahba.

The citizen (A-B) had left with her husband and her two children and with Afrin canton's people during the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries on the canton and bombard it harshly, after a short period of time, she decided with her husband to return to Afrin so as not to allow the mercenaries and the settlers to take over their house, and they managed to get back to their homes, they imagined that they would continue their lives in their city and home naturally, but the situation was not as they expected, they could not stay more than a month and went back to al-Shahba, they told ANHA agency what they had seen and had gone through in Afrin.
They robbed our money during our return
During the return to Afrin they were passing through many barriers of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, they were harassed and did not leave them until they paying a sum of not less than 10,000 SP. "When we entered the city, mercenaries were everywhere, and the demographic change was clear, because the faces were strange in our city, and we felt like we were in a city other than ours," she said.
The people of al-Gouta do not accept to leave the houses they had entered
She pointed out that the people of Afrin had facing the problem of settling the people of al-Gouta and the families of mercenaries in their homes, who did not  accept to leave the houses and some of them threaten the owners of homes, and noted that some people of Afrin forced to resort to the centers of the Turkish occupation army to provide a complaint against the settlers, but the Turkish occupation army does not force anyone to get out of the homes and only send them a message asking them to leave and the majority does not adhere to that communication
The spread of a terror state among mercenaries after the series of bombings
"We were sitting in the house and suddenly we heard the sound of a loud explosion coming from Kawa roundabout in the center of the city, we went out to know what happened, and we saw things flying in the sky, we did not know if they were the corpses of mercenaries or the wreckage of the explosive vehicles, and therefore a terror state had spread between mercenaries and settlers.
Safety is non-existent and mercenaries fight among themselves
On the security situation in the city, the citizen confirmed that there is no security in Afrin. "The situation in Afrin is like a nightmare, and even the mercenaries fight each other every time and spread chaos and terror in the city." One night at 23:00 we heard a sound of a loud explosion that shook the building where we lived, I went out to the balcony to see what had happened, I saw two mercenaries on a motorcycle throwing grenades and explosives at a house inhabited by another mercenary gang. "
Martyrdom of civilians during the celebration of Erdogan's victory in the elections
She also indicated that during the results of the Turkish presidential election and the announcement of Erdogan's victory, the mercenaries began the celebration in Afrin and fired indiscriminately in the center of the city, they even fired tank shells without any regard for safety of people, she confirmed that a number of civilians were martyred, and 25 were injured, and the mercenaries in the next day asked the victims' families to bury the corpses quickly and without causing any reactions under threat.
They kidnap people indiscriminately and their fate is unknown
The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries sought to spread terror and fear among the residents through continuous raids on homes and kidnapping of citizens with false pretexts and accusations, confirming that the kidnappings of women, children and the elderly continued, and the fate of the majority remains unknown.
We no longer bear these conditions, so we decided to go back to the ghosts
"We feel unstable and safe. We felt that we were in a nightmare and that our lives were threatened at every moment. We decided to leave Afrin and return to al-Shahba, after four days walking from rough roads and dangerous access to areas of al-Shahba," she added: "If the road to al-Shahba is good and mercenaries allow the people to go out, no one will remain in Afrin due to the chaos of the city."

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