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måndag 16 juli 2018

o you think there is the difference between Islamist extremists, Nazis and racists ??

Do you think there is the difference between Islamist extremists, Nazis and racists ?? but I do not see any difference between Nazis, racists and Islamists they have the same methods against humanity. For example, today between the East, Islamic racist problems have those who are not Muslims forced to follow Islamic rules and it is a matter of great crimes against humanity. The Middle East today suffers from Islamic racism.

When today's fascism can not do just as isis has done against yazidi or lars berievik in Norway has made them try to get within the authorities and be able to work within the authorities of others, make their dirty inferences against others just like the 2018: 08: 17 clock 13:00 at the employment office.

I perceived it most when I had several occasional meetings with such people on both myths in Sweden. We know that the Swedish majority are good nice kind and honest, but such people with racist and Nazi views managed to get into government and use their sick ideas to other people.

 Because the instincts of hatred worked to a certain extent within the person

These hate instincts have influenced the understanding and understanding of the perception of the person. Today between the east is suffering from Islamic racists .... ,, Why do we say
The phases of acute racism and acute madness are step by step, the last step being Lars Breivik, when this Islamist Nazi and racist find themselves in the same mirror, "when we call it fascism of the past, born today's fascism. It is a type of disease that grows within the inner heart of people so that people can build hatred within themselves without any reason for other people, such people always think of inferences

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