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torsdag 19 juli 2018

Talking silence in the mainstream media about the FI politician's Jew hatred

Talking silence in the mainstream media about the FI politician's Jew hatred
19 JULY, 2018 16:50

"Seeing that the Feminists managed to get their international breakthrough. Luckily, both people's portraits and "it was just my imagination" was a success. For example, Timber's Johan Ingerö writes on Twitter, as one of the many powerful reactions to the parliamentary initiative of the Feminist Initiative and Ship-to-Gaza activist Oldoz Javidi's statement of her desire to cleanse Israel on Jews. Javidi's anti-Semitism has been attracted internationally, and now more and more is the issue of why Judehat does not get bigger in mainstrem media and in public service, which otherwise would like to give program time to the party's forefront states. Public service is also not too late to catch up with the offending statements of politicians.

Oldoz Javidi stated in an interview in the web magazine Feminist perspective, and one of her statements read as follows:

"My unofficial opinion as an individual is a bit more fantasy-based. Israel has occupied another country. Driving people in flight from their own homes, taking their land and stolen their lives and freedom. There is nothing defensible in it at all. Israel's best friend is the United States, another infernal regime with vastly large land areas. So why not invite friends over to them and make room for them on the farm? They seem to be good at each other's company. And the Palestinians can live in peace and rebuild the land that once was theirs ... I can allow at least to dream of such a solution or how ?! "

Afterwards, Javidi has asked to have this quote removed, on the grounds that this could be "misinterpreted". The question is how this should be interpreted? Neither did Javidi explain what she meant. The paragraph has been removed from the interview with the motivation: "Footnote: In consultation with the interviewer, we have lifted the last paragraph of the text. It was contrary to good publicist practice and we share the opinion of critics that it can be interpreted as anti-Semitic. "

Interpreted? It was, and is anti-Semitic. Javidi dreams of clearing out Jews from Israel. A magnificent, noble dream, a definitive solution to the Jewish question.

"The statement by Oldoz Javidi (FI) about emptying Israel on Jews can not be misinterpreted. The anti-Semitism is widespread in the left, and what is called solidarity with the Palestinians is rapidly becoming, as we can see, a call for ethnic cleansing of Jews, "writes Annika Hernroth Rothstein, Political Chronicle of the National Review, Israel Hayom and Washington Exams, in a debate article in GP.

Hernroth Rothstein also raises a series of serious anti-Semitic statements made by Social Democrats and Left Representatives, not least Sweden's Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström, in 2016, on the list of the most serious anti-Semitic events, listed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is known among other things for his pursuit of Nazi war criminals. The motivation for the little flattering place was Wallström's statement on "extrajudicial executions" by the Israeli police in connection with the series of Palestinian knife attacks against Israelis shaking Israel last winter. A statement that aroused strong anger in Israel and condemned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Maybe even Javidi succeeds in getting his dreams of ethnic cleansing be noted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center - another Swedish pale spot for the Swedish left.

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