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tisdag 31 juli 2018

Hello, my good readers are.

Hello, my good readers are.

I can write critical posts on this page I do not mean all of Sweden or the whole Swedish good people. I love the Polish people, and I live here very long, but I'll say I'm ready to work want a job, but when discussing with the employment office, they do not give an honest answer.

above all, I am a political activist for freedom and democracy in Iran.

what happens and forced me to write critics here are the two authorities that forced me to write and tell the Swedish good majority to see what's going on here for my future.
The injustice that makes the employment agency with other authorities against me is a political thing that the Iranian regime requires Swedish politicians who have good relations with Iranian religious nativity human regime.
I promise I do not write anything but prove what I write if there is evidence.

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