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måndag 16 juli 2018

meeting between Mr. President Trump and President Putin in Finland

meeting between Mr. President Trump and President Putin in Finland
Trump, Putin Summit launched, painful issues are on table
Den historiske summit mellem den russiske presidenten og hans amerikanske modparten blev lanceret i den finske hovedstaden for at diskutere de tense bilaterale relationer, samt en række internationale spørgsmål som Trump udtrykte sin håb om oprettelse af særlige forbindelser med Moskva. Putin said that it is the time for the two sides to be engaged in discussions.

The US president Donald Trump expressed on Sunday his hope for creating extraordinary relations with Moscow, while the Russian president said that it is the time for holding substantive talks between the two countries.
Trump said on Monday, during the first minutes of the summit with Putin in the Finnish capital Helsinki, that he believes that the world wants to see Washington and Moscow in a state of understanding according to Associated Press.
Trump said that his talks with Putin would include everything starting from trade to military affairs and missiles ending with China ... We would talk a bit about China and our common friend the president Xi Jinping.
Trump had begun the session of talks by congratulating his Russian counterpart on the World Cup which ended on Sunday, and considered it a wonderful tournament, praising its success.
The Russian President Vladimir Putin said in the beginning of his meeting with his US counterpart Donald Trump that the time has come for a detailed discussion on bilateral relations, international issues and what he called painful issues.
The US president is holding his first summit with Putin since his arrival in the White House in January 2017. Trump has defended his rapprochement with Moscow since his electoral campaign.
The US president has said earlier that the American idiot was the reason for deteriorating the relations between Washington and Moscow, while al-Kremlin said that he expects a difficult meeting.
The critics and advisers urged Trump to exploit this summit to intensify pressure on Putin concerning allegations of the interference in the elections and other malicious activities by Russia.
Trump announced on Sunday that his expectations are low towards his meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

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