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söndag 29 juli 2018

Returnee from Afrin told new details of mercenaries' violations

Returnee from Afrin told new details of mercenaries' violations
The citizen (Kh Z) of Afrin fell in the trap of the illusion of safety in Afrin after being occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, and after spending a period in which he fled with his family after the mercenaries broke into his house several times, and says in his speech "No life in usurped Afrin.

The residents of Afrin, who are still inside the canton, continue to try to get out of it and to rescue their families from the violations and practices of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries. They resort to dangerous and difficult roads to reach the areas of al-Shahba and Aleppo.
With the increase of shelling by the Turkish occupier of the residential neighborhoods of Afrin and its villages, which resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of hundreds of people, thousands of families were forced to leave to the areas of al-Shahba, including the family of the citizen who left Afrin with his family on March 18.
Within weeks of the citizen's stay in al-Shahba areas, he returned to Afrin city to protect his property and land from mercenaries. This was based on the call of the supporters of the so-called Kurdish National Council in Afrin and their belief that Afrin is safe. His family got trapped of deception until he falsified the allegations after his return to Afrin.
After his return from the mercenary raids on his house several times in the middle of the night and terrorizing the members of his family, he was forced to leave Afrin in any way to save his family from the practices of mercenaries.
The citizen (Kh Z), who preferred not to reveal his identity and appeared in front of the camera because of the presence of his relatives in Afrin said to ANHA agency. At night and the outbreak of clashes between the factions as a result of disagreement over the sharing of stolen If we did not get out of Afrin, we would have been suffering from psychological illnesses. We were in a state of anxiety at every moment because of the behavior of the mercenary factions from the firing of bullets."
He added that after Turkey interrupted salaries from more than a mercenary faction that has no direct links with Turkey, mercenaries take money from citizens and they often buy their objects and belongings from civilian shops without paying for them.
The citizen noted after the series of operations in Afrin and its villages against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, mercenaries prevent farmers and peasants from taking more than one loaf of bread with each person and accuse them of taking logistical and food for the fighters who are still present in Afrin.
At the end of his speech, the citizen said that the residents of the Afrin area and its villages from Kurd and Arab are demanding fighters of the People and Women Protection Units to rid them of the oppression the occupiers.

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