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fredag 13 juli 2018

Hewler and Sulaymaniyah will fall if Qandil falls”

Hewler and Sulaymaniyah will fall if Qandil falls”
The Dêrin peshmerga pointed out that the Kurdish people should object to the invasion attacks with the spirit of national unity and stressed that the invasion of Qandil means the invasion of Hewler and Sulaymaniyah.

The invading Turkish state continues to attack the lands of Bashure Kurdistan, and aims to expand the invaded region with more attacks in Bashur. They attack with the latest technology weapons, while the PKK guerrilla deals heavy blows to Turkish soldiers in these attacks.
The Bashur (Southern Kurdistan) government is trying to legitimize these attacks by the Turkish state, instead of taking a stance against them. Kurdistan Regional Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani ignores the Turkish state’s invasion attacks and accuses the PKK, and reaction to these comments continue to grow. The Derîn Peshmerga (former peshmergas) from Bashure Kurdistan spoke to Roj News about the matter.
Derîn Peshmerga Maruf Enzeyî Xursan spoke about the Turkish state’s invasion attacks and said, “The Turkish state’s invasion attacks are harming the people of the region and our civilian citizens. The Turkish state takes advantage of the regional government, the Iraqi government and the United Nations and invading the Kurdistan Region’s lands.”
Xursan said the Turkish state attacks using the presence of the PKK as an excuse but they are not bombing the areas where PKK is located, and that the areas they do bomb are civilian residential areas: “If their target is the PKK, there are PKK guerillas in all the mountains in Turkey.”
Xursan concluded with: “The fall of Qandil will mean the fall of Hewler and Sulaymaniyah. That is why Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan should have a common stance and an attitude of unity.”
Derîn Peshmerga Xidir Hesen Ebdula pointed out that the Turkish state is bombing civilian villages using the PKK as an excuse, and said: “PKK isn’t in the villages of Qandil. PKK is in the Bradost mountain, and is carrying out effective actions against Turkish soldiers every day. The Turkish state can’t defend itself in Bradost. That is why they bomb Qandil’s villages and murder our civilian citizens.
For the Turkish state, there is no difference between any Kurds or any parts of Kurdistan. If the Turkish state enters Qandil, they won’t be able to leave. Qandil will be a grave for the Turkish state.”
Derîn Peshmerga Xerîb Ehmed Emîn from the PUK said: “The Turkish state is invading KDP controlled lands with Ottoman dreams. Nechirvan Barzani supports the Turkish state and calls the PKK ‘invaders’. It was the PKK who defended the Kurdistan region’s borders from ISIS gangs and prevented many a massacre. Kurdistan is not in four pieces, it is one. These borders were put up by invading states.
It is for these borders that the Kurdish people were put through massacres so many times. But enslaved Kurds still go to serve the Turkish state, despite these facts. And these enslaved Kurds blame Kurds and try to make the Turkish state look righteous. Anybody who considers themselves Kurdish should oppose these invaders with the spirit of unity.”

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