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fredag 6 juli 2018

MSD condemns Manbij attack, holds Ankara responsible

MSD condemns Manbij attack, holds Ankara responsible
MSD holds the Turkish state responsible for the explosion in Manbij during the protest march against the Turkish state, and said it is “an expression of defeat”.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD)issued a statement on the explosion that occurred during the march against the Turkish state’s threats of invasion in Manbij’s Al-Haya district. MSD condemned the “terrorist attack that aimed to create chaos among people”.
The MSD statement is as follows:
“The atmosphere of peace and trust developed in Northern Syrian provinces in recent years shows the reality of the common life among peoples. The peoples of the region have determined their joint fate and created an atmosphere of trust not seen anywhere else in Syria. With that, the people of Manbij have displayed a dignified stance against the Turkish state meddling with their domestic affairs.
On July 5, 2018, the people of Manbij held a march to protest the Turkish state interventions and the invasion of Afrin in the Al-Haya district and that march was targeted in a terrorist attack. One civilian lost their life in the attack, while 22 civilians were wounded. This attack targeted the protest against the Turkish state policies that endanger security in the region. The purpose of the march was to expose the truth of the invaders and their policies that led Northern Syrian provinces to ruin.
This attack that targeted civilians shows that the gangs and those who support them in the military and political arenas have failed. With this attack, the invaders aim to create chaos among civilians and to terrorize the people. With this attack, they want to silence the people who don’t accept the Turkish state’s barbaric practices.
We condemn this terrorist attack that goes against the principles of humanity. Our people will continue to insist and resist the invaders against such attacks. Our people will continue to insist on defending their cities and to object to any and all interventions. If this attack shows one thing, it is the weakness of the attackers and their supporters. All counter attempts against the people of Manbij will result in defeat.”

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