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fredag 6 juli 2018

Did United Nations consider of Turkey 's violation against Afrin people?

Did United Nations consider of Turkey 's violation against Afrin people?
Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted more than 140 citizens during the month of June, and caused burning of dozens of hectares of agricultural land, including the only island in Midanki , not to mention the continued demographic change of the region and other violations against the people, all this and the UN envoy described the conditions of civilians "Good "! Will these violations be seen in this dossier ?

Hawar news agency (ANHA) monitored the violations and aggression of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin and accordingly prepared a report on documented crimes and violations against humanity in the occupied Afrin.
Kill and kidnap
On the pretext of saving the people of Afrin from terrorism, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attacked Afrin canton . Since the first day of the occupation, the canrton witnessed clashes and conflicts. On 1 June, clashes broke out between Turkey 's gangs and the Arab  al-Boubana clan in the neighborhoods of al-Mahmudiya, al-Zaidia and al-Ashrafieh in Afrin. After midnight, which resulted in the loss of 5 civilians, including a woman from the clan and wounded others.
During the month of June, the Turkish occupation army kidnapped more than 140 citizens, most of them young, including women, 5 of them fromJanders area whose names are : "Juma' Kamal Rasulo, Mousa Nabi, 32 years old from Jakla Jouma village,Dashti Esso 40 years. It was second time kidnapped , Abdull Rahman Known as Abu Halabja 35 years Kafar Safra village and this is the third time that he is kidnapped. "
During the raids on the homes of citizens in Mobata area the Turkish occupation arrested 110 youths and Hawar news agewncy (ANHA) documented the names of 38 young people,Whose names are " Salah Eddin Mohammed, Kamiran Ascotko, Mustafa Rasheed Qalandar, Hussein Ishano, Hussein Hassan Bakr, Ali Mustafa Alush,Hussien Briam Baker Sherkal Adlo Mohammed Ali Shiekho Abdin Shiekho. Welat Sheikho ,Dilo Qalandar,Abdin Omar Qala Ali Hana Hamzino Hijan Habash ,Abdo Mukttar , Beshwar Mohammed Ali,Khalil Mohammed Ali, Jihad Yousef Fatooma, Hussain Hussein Meshko, Farhad Hamajo, Kivar Zaki Ahmed, ,  Abdo Mukhtar, Beshwar Mohammed Ali, Khalil Mohammed Ali, Kivara Zaki Ahmed, Allouto Allouto, Rashid Murad Kassem, Murad Rasheed Kassem, Murad Murad, Nadim Aref, Kazem Aref, Juma Qaseh, Mohammed Qasah, Mohammed Qalandar, Ali Nuri Mohammed, known as Abu Nuri, Hamid Mohammed Ali, Khalil Prem Bakr, Ramzi Abuo, Kamiran Shobo, Salah Shaboand, Zuhair Shabo.
It should be noted that during a stop of a woman in Mobata district , refusing to arrest the young men were wounded by Turkish occupation 's mercenaries.
In Mobata area, 25 young people were also arrested from the Dar Qara village including a woman. The names of 24 citizens were documented. "Farid Shawq, 28, Fattah Aliko, Shiyar Haj Mana Mustafa ,21 Amin Haj Hanan Mustafa ,19, Hamouda Jamal, age 35, Ahmad Ali, 19, Assaad Yousef, 60, Mohamed Refaat Ali, 50, Nazmi Aliko, 60, Shiyar Jamal, 23, Mohammed Aliko, 53, Khalil Omar Aliko 22, Sabri Ahmed Hanan 52 Mustafa Samer 43 years old, Diyar Haj Manan Mustafa 19 years, Manan Haj Manan Mustafa 21 years, Aziz Haj Menan Mustafa 50 years, Firas Mohammed 30, Bahzat Suleiman 35, Akram Kader 45 Sabri Aliku, Mohammed Haj Mannan Mustafa, 57, and his wife Sefin, who is 42 years old
According to reliable sources of (ANAH), abductions are carried out under false pretexts and used by mercenaries to impose money on the people, and they deliberately torture them in the most extreme ways.
Demographic change
In the context of continuing demographic changes in Afrin  canton under the auspices of Russian-Turkish, the Turkish occupation army has setlled 40 other mercenaries's families in Qakra village in Mobata district . They were  setllled in the homes of some residents who were forced out of the village after the aggression of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin whose names are  Kazim Qali Sulaiman, Ahmed Giroua, Diane Emo, Mohamed Waqas, Faheem Waqas, Hanif Ezzat Rashid, Sadiq Ezzat Rashid, Joan Sadiq Rashid, Mohamed Mohamed Sheikh Khalil, Farid Hassou, Rushdi Hassou and Salah Eemo. And the homes of a number of other families.
Looting and theft
In the framework of the looting and exploitation of civilian property, the Turkish occupation army in front of the parents sent 70 harvesters to Afrin to harvest the wheat and barley crop returned to the people and was transferred to Turkey.
The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries set fire to the forest of the village of Midanki, the only island in Afrin, in an attempt to distort the beauty of the area.
In addition, an area of 10 hectares, planted with wheat and barley, was burned. (ANHA)obtained the names of some of the families whose crops were burned. They were the Irfa family from the village of Qibar, where a 3-hectare land belonging to them, They burned a 4-hectare land belonging to the family of Zakaria Sheikh Hamza from the village of Dar Qarah, burning a 3-hectare land at the entrance to the canton on the north-eastern side.
The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries also looted two civilian vehicles in the village of Kurzila in Sherawa area on the pretext that their papers were irregular after the Turkish occupation attacked their home and stole three generators that provided electricity to the broadcasting towers of Syriatel-MTN in Raju.
Several demonstrations and no listening ear to their demands
And rejected the practices and the presence of the Turkish occupation in Afrin canton  witnessed the region during the month of June, the departure of dozens of people in demonstrations demanding the release of the abductees.
A regrettable statement praises the violations of the Turkish occupation
All this and more witnessed by the people of Afrin violations and injustice by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries terrorists, and in the meeting of the Security Council shows the UN envoy Stephane de Mistura does not mention the suffering of the people, but the contrary describes the conditions of civilians good !.

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