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söndag 5 maj 2013

17-year-old Woman’s body found hanging from their house’s stairs

17-year-old Woman’s body found hanging from their house’s stairs
In a statement to Warvin, a source from Kalar hospital said that (Harez)’s body has been brought to the hospital for examination; the first examination showed that she has died because of hanging.

“ Harez was born in 1996, despite being married, she was a student, after coming back from school, her body found at 1:30 on (May 2, 2013) afternoon” the source added.

In this context, a source from Kalar’s (Rizgari) sub-district police said they have been to the incident scene and they have found (Harez)’s body hanging from their house’s stairs.

He also stated that they have called (Harez)’s family for interrogation and nobody has been arrested so far, it is not clear yet whether it was a suicide or homicide  act.

In the past 24 hours, a woman has died after setting herself ablaze and three other women attempted suicide.

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A woman dies during the driver license test
In a statement to Warvin, the director of Kirkuk traffic police said, that woman was taking driving test at our directorate to get a driving license, she got a heart attack and immediately passed away.
“The woman’s name is (A, M) and she was a teacher. After transferring her body to the hospital, the medical report showed that the cause of her death was a heart attack” He added.

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