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lördag 4 maj 2013

Rola Saad wears Kurdish dress at her concert in Hawler

Rola Saad wears Kurdish dress at her concert in Hawler.

During the press conference which was held on Thursday (May 2, 2013) in Tangram hotel in Hawler, both singers talked about their concert in Hawler which is expected to be held on Friday at Franso Hariri International Stadium.

(Rola Saad)’s surprise for the concert was wearing Kurdish costume, but she revealed it for the media channels beforehand.

(Rola) expressed her happiness at her visit to Hawler and holding a concert, she also mentioned that whenever they suggested her to participate in the arts festivals and parades in Kurdistan region and Iraq, she will participate with pleasure.

Rola stated that she knew the Kurds before and has worked with them; she mentioned that she has heard about Hawler people and the city’s progress, and wished for more progress in the city.
(Melhem Zein) stated that Kurds are a big elegant nation and they love beautiful art, he also stated that he is planning to sing in Kurdish.

(Rola Yousif Saad) was born in 1978 in Lebanon, her first performance was recording two songs with the Tunisian artist (Sabr Rubaee), she got more famous after recording (Yana Yana) song with the famous Lebanese singer Sabah.

She has released 4 albums until now, and has many video clips, and she has worked as a model for some time.

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